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The Da Vinci Code

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Did anyone go to see this movie this weekend? We went on Friday and I loved it! I thought it followed the book really well. Paul Bettany who played Silas did fabulous! I'm getting increasingly impressed with this actor and love all the parts he plays. I never imagined him playing a bad-guy but after seeing Firewall and now Silas in this movie, I think he pulls it off really well!!

I had also forgotten Ian McKellen was in this too. Another great actor . I thought the casting was excellent.
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I plan on going to see it once the hype subsides. I've never read the book though.
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I saw the movie on Friday!!! I loved the movie and I never read the book, but I am tempted to read it now.

I hate that the movie is getting bad reviews, but the way I see it is:

No matter if it's fact or fiction, it was a great movie!!
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I havn't seen it and probably won't because its not my sort of thing, there has been alot of bad things said about it like its too long and quite boring
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Not my type of movie either........glad you guys enjoyed it though. I went to see the Poisideon!
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I did read the book though, and thought the book was great. I read the one that was more expensive with all the photographs in it of the actual places & artifacts. I've been to London and to Paris, so I found it all very intersting and was easily able to visualize it. However, it is written as a work of fiction, with some real facts in it. It was a great book, and a fast read. I will see the movie, but will wait for DVD.... hubby won't go to the movies anymore, it's like $10 a person around us, even the matinee is like $8.50....then once you hit the popcorn stand you right up to $50!!!
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I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD. Unless I can convince someone to come see it with me (I hate going to the movies by myself).

I just read the book this weekend (was up until 2:30 this morning ~ I couldn't put it down!!).
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I want to go see the movie too. love tom hanks... But sad to say most the stuff in the book/movie isnt true.. But the reason i think its getting so many bad reviews is cuz its kinda talking bad stuff toward the christain faith.. Thats my opinion though.
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I think it was great! Not too long or too boring at all. I was afraid it would be hard for me to follow because I hadn't read the book, but it wasn't bad. I guess I can understand why some people aren't happy with the topic of the movie, but its a fiction book. Anyways, thats a topic for another thread! I would recommend it!
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I'm surprised at all the negative reviews really. I think it got over-hyped and people got their expectations too high. That usually happens with all the big blockbusters.

I also think people see it as an attack but I don't. I don't really care either because I hate all the controversy. Ugh...actually I'm thoroughly sick of it. I loved the book and the movie and this was never meant to be a non-fiction.

My fiance had never read the book and he too loved the movie. He went in with a negative view on what it would be. But came out wanting to buy the DVD.
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We went last Friday to see it.

I have read the book so knew what to expect. This movie has had a real slating in the press, i dont know why it is so reviled i thought it was quite good I gather that the audience at Cannes on its release laughed out loud during parts of the film. Thats just plain rude

I do agree that Tom Hanks hair style did him no favours, but other than that it was ok. It was over hyped, and i agree with you that it is difficult to stand up to such high expectations.

After all it is a work of fiction....or is it ?
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I loved it, too!
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I saw it on Friday as well. I hadn't read the books, but I enjoyed the movie. Have to agree that it was over-hyped, but I still liked it. When we went there were christian protesters outside the movies saying "See the DaVinci Code if you hate the Lord" and stuff like that. I found to be highly amusing and comical that people can not seperate fact from fiction and so strongly criticize something that they obviously don't know anything about since they refuse to see the movie.
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I saw it last night. I thought is was a good movie but it could have been better. I find it hard to believe that the priest in the beginning had time to set it all up before he died. Other than that it was a good movie.
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I might watch it sometime when it comes out on cable. IMO, the book is a well-written work of plagiarism based on books I'd read before the thing even came out. What I am sick of, though, is the frenzy on cable TV of Da Vinci and Grail documentaries and such. Some of them are interesting but alot of shows I'd rather watch have been pushed back.

Glad some of you have enjoyed it more than the reviews claimed you would! I've always though the mark of a good movie was bad reviews personally.
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I'm reading the book now...can't wait to see the movie
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I agree, Zissou's Mom. I think the trial would've been a little more fair if it had happened BEFORE the movie even started. As soon as the trial was announced earlier this year, I knew right away that it was going to go in Dan Brown's favor. The movie was almost done for editing and after paying so much money for the production, I doubt anyone would've allowed the movie to be stopped.

I read the book and did like it. My problem with the movie is that Tom Hanks was not my idea of Robert Langdon. IMO I think he was a little too old to play the part. I may wait for DVD to see, but otherwise I have no interest in seeing it.
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I am soo glad to hear it isn't boring!!! I read the book and want to see the movie SOOO bad
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I read the book, and really want to see the movie, NOW, but my SO says he wants to wait until it comes out on DVD, unless I really want to see it now. I have only been wanting to see it since before I even read the book.

If you have not read Dan Brown's other book, Angels and Demons, I thought it was better than The DaVinci Code.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
If you have not read Dan Brown's other book, Angels and Demons, I thought it was better than The DaVinci Code.
I've heard that. I bought it a few weeks back in one of my massive Amazon purchases. But unfortunately things are so busy with wedding plans I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet .
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I really enjoyed the book. That said, I thought the movie was okay. I agree with critics that Tom Hanks was miscast. I think the book was more exciting and had the ability to go into more detail, which really adds to the story. I agree with others here that Angels and Demons was also a great read. My brother preferred it to The Da Vinci Code. That statement in and of itself is amazing because he hates to read!
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I saw it Saterday night when I was in New Mexico....I couldn't wait to watch it.

I thought it was ok. I thought it would be a little bit better, but overall, it followed the book pretty well.

I mean it is really hard to fit everything that is in that book into a 2 and half hour movie, so I would pay the 10 bucks to go see it again.
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I loved the movie and would go again!
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I want to see the movie but I haven't read the book yet.
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I would most definately recomend reading the book first, but that's just imo.
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I don't think it matters if you read the book or not. I saw the movie last weekend and loved it, and I'd never read the book. It was easy to follow.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the book -- also Angels and Demons, though Brown is not that great a writer, actually, just a very good storyteller -- but that's a different conversation, I guess. I definitely want to see the movie. Haven't yet, though.
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I have read the book and seen the movie and I (despite the sometimes wordy nature of the book) found the movie a lot weaker than the book. Perhaps it could have been made stronger by different actors, but I also partly put this down to the overhype of both the book and the movie.

From what I have heard, people who haven't read the book enjoyed the movie a lot more
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I saw this movie at the drive-in last night without really meaning to. We went to see something else but got there at the wrong time so just picked this one pretty randomly. I never really intended on seeing it
You can tell it had a big budget. That's about the best thing I can say. It seemed like, for one, a serious version of Dogma, and for another, the ending was terrible. I didn't realize it was the end until the credits started rolling and I was like "What just happened?" I still don't understand what happened.
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I saw it a week ago and thought it was great. I want to see it again because there were a lot of things that confused me. I never read the book, so the story line was unfamiliar to me.
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