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Post-Grooming Poo Problems

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Morning All,

About five years ago, the wife and I had a problem with the older of our two cats (now 13). She grooms a lot and wound up with a couple of one-pound furballs in her tunny and couldn't get them out. Prior to this incident, which led to surgery, we tried everything everyone, including the vets, tolds us to try. In the end, having her shaved (down to ~1/8") every three months was the last option.

Last Thursday, was time for this cat's quarterly shaving, which is an experience for both of our indoor-only cats as they are sedated. This cat, though, is usually good the next day with no ill effects (the other cat takes like 2-3 days to recover) ... until Friday morning.

On Friday morning, the wife and I got up to discover six droppings on the first floor. Three droppings were from undigested dried cat food, and the other three were from poo, which was soft (not normal). We cleaned them up and took her back to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with her, but gave her a couple of antibiotic and vitemin shots.

Saturday seemed to go well enough although two more poo droppings. Then this morning there were more poo droppings. All soft, and not normal. Right now the wife has this cat back at the vet again. One thing we did notice a few weeks back was while on the phone we closed the door to a study because this cat was meowing--usually interpreted as a sign she wants to go on the second floor porch, which is an occasion treat for her.

Well, that study-jailtime led to poo also. So, it took a few minutes on Saturday for it to click that the abnormal meowing plus the pooing may be related. The meowing and pooing continue this morning.

Both cats are on Science Diet Hairball Control for Seniors. They've been on this for about 4-5 years. The other cat (now 11) is acting normal, pooing normal, and having bowel movements with normal results. The troubled cat isn't going anywhere near the litter box even though its only a couple of months old and changed regularly (at least once per week).

Since we are not getting anything from bloodwork, etc., we are at a loss for the problem. Any advice, enlightenment, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
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I moved your thread to the Health and Nutrition forum where those members with more experience with medical issues would be more likely to see it.
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Get kitty to the vet .... oh and be very careful putting older kitties under anestesia
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