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Congratulations - 50 years!

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For those of you who aren't aware, we in the UK are going to be having a 4 day weekend - yippee!!!

It's the Queen's Golden Jubilee so we've been given an extra day's holiday. I understand there's going to be street parties, the lighting of Beacons accross the country and major rock and classical concerts in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. My mum applied for some tickets, but didn't get any (it was a free draw).

I'm going to go to London on Monday/Tuesday to see what's going down.

Oh, by the way, I love all the pictures of cats and catpeople. Sadly I don't have a digital camera, as I'd love to show you all my pretty persians and my strident ex-stray.

The 'How Could You' thing made me cry buckets yesterday. I've got splashes on my laptop, and had to go to the loo to sort my face out. I had to pretend I had something wrong with my contact lenses.

Finally - it's SO spooky talking to people on the other side of the world - I'm new to this chat-room/email stuff (for leisure - far too used to it for work though), and it's a really nice way to get to know people. Gotta go now - I'll get into trouble with my employer for spending so much time on here.

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Happy anniversery to the Queen. We also celebrate here in Canada. The Canadian Mint just introduced a new Jubilee coin - it is great.
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Happy Anniversary to Queen Elizabeth! What a lovely young woman she was at the time of her coronation. Have you ever seen pictures of her as a young person? I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday. God Save the Queen!
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I still have some old money with the "young" Queen look. All the new money has a more stately dignified picture on it.
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You do not need to have a digital camera to show off your family. But you do need to belong to an online photo site. Here is one that is really nice, so far it has stayed free and once you join it gives you easy instructions on how to display pics. That is, if you have a scanner or photo reader hooked up to your computer. Happy anniversary to your Queen. I hope she has a lovely day of it.

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What a great holiday! It is nice to honour someone for serving her life to her country. I've seen a few things on the news about the celebrations, but the one that surprised me the most was that the Sex Pistols were actually re-uniting and playing for one of the festivities. I wouldn't have imagined anyone in the Royal Family to have been much into the punk scene!
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The whole thing with the Sex Pistols goes back to the Silver Jubilee when they released their rather irreverent single God Save The Queen, and got arrested for their troubles. So I rather think they might be hijacking the event to parade their own anniversary.
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Yola, Sounds like a fun time. The other option to a photo website is to get a photo disk when you develop your pics. You can edit and crop photos and save them on your hard drive. Then you hit the browse function below the text box and look for the picture you want to post.
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Yola! I hope you have a great celebration, and it is really nice to have you here!
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