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Monday, May 22nd: Daily Thread

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Afternoon/Morning all!

I hope you all had a great weekend and aren't too gutted about it being Monday again!

Raining here in the Land of Manc, so another day indoors! I'm feeling much better than I was last week, but am still fighting this long cold off!

Have a great day everyone!
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Afternoon everyone!
Our computers have been down all morning so I have literally read every piece of paper stuck to our office walls. What a waste of time!
Very dull day here, had a great weekend but it was over too fast
Have a great day everyone
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It's funny what you decide to read when the computers are down, isn't it?!

I agree, I wish the weekend was a whole lot longer! We do have a Bank Holiday coming up next week though!
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We had a good weekend. Lee had a go kart race on Saturday and ended up coming in 5th in his class which is excellent since we were on old tires and unprepared for the track conditions changing so much! We were there entirely too long. We left our house at 7:30 am and got home at 1 am. It was hot and I am sunburned and have several bruises that occured at the track (one because I am just clumsy the others I got stepped on by a racer ) Sunday was a chill day. I cleaned house and did some laundry and that is it!!
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Morning all.. Very boring weekend for me. Did laundry, washed dishes, cleaned the apt, slept, umm and watched movies (still need those diet pepsi codes if you got them please. ) Noah and Kitty are finaly getting along better. still get the hissing and growling, but they are kinda playing.. They actualy slept in my bed together for a bit, not together together, but at least in the same bed so that was a cool thing. Now its monday and back to work. anyone got a Billion dollars and can give me like a million?? hehe
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I can't believe its Monday already. We spent Saturday outside, spending time in that bright yellow thing in the sky and working on things around the house.

Then Sunday I played some catch up and did a little of my weekly planner. Then I went to my brother's the celebrate my SIL's birthday.
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Good Morning everyone! Today I have to finish unpacking, do laundry, go grocery shopping, etc. My mother is having dental surgery late this afternoon, and I have to drive her. That pretty much sums up my day! Hope you all have a great one!
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Good morning all!

Oh the weekend went by TOO FAST!

Saturday I spent indoors, as my cold was horrible and I felt really icky I did a ton of cleaning though, so that made me feel good knowing that I got SOMETHING done!

Sunday I was a little more motivated Got up and washed our sheets, went to John's Mom's place and visited with her, played with Maggie, went to Maurices & got some new capris for work, came home and finished cleaning - cleaned out both our closets, took out winter clothes and brought out summer stuff, bought Harley a new litter box and new litter (he was very happy!)

So overall, I had a great weekend, but I'm looking forward to this coming weekend - 3 day weekends are the best! We are going camping back home with my family - my grandparents aunts, uncles and cousins are all going to be out there this weekend for Memorial Day, so it should be a fabulous one! Only 4 days til the next weekend

I hope you all have a great day!
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My weekend went too fast.
I have to work in about a half hour and haven't even started to get ready. Luckily I live three minutes from there or I'd be late. I don't want to go back! One of our employees quit last night for some unknown reason and so on the next schedule I have to work 6 days, 55 hours! (and I don't get overtime!)
I guess he was (supposedly) fine on his first shift but when he left there was a note on the desk that said "I quit."? that doesn't sound fine to me but the manager won't call him and find out what happened. She asked the shift leader and he said nothing happened and she also asked one of the crew who also said nothing happened, now why would you just up and quit if nothing happened to make you upset? This was his first job and he was trying but not really catching on, so he was the odd person because he was still learning the ropes.
I think the one cook chased him out being mean to him, like he always is. He is the one that needs to go IMO, but that is a rant saved for another time, as I have to go before I just don't make it there myself. I really don't want to go, it's SO nice outside,I just want to stay home and relax. I feel a headache coming on already.
Have a great day for me everyone!
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Good Morning all! Friday night I drank some wine, took a bath, put my kid to bed early, and mellowed out on the couch. Saturday I took my mom to breakfast for her birthday. It was supposed to be me & my sis and the kids & Grammy, but my dad tagged along anyway.

I got interupted by 5 phone calls from my husband who was buying a new truck at the car dealership... he doesn't understand the whole process, and this creepy salesguy (no offense to anyone who sells...) was bullying him into a rushed forced sale and trying to make me & my reservations look like the bad guy. I had to leave the IHOP and go outside to take the calls. And everything that the sales guy said the 1st night totally changed. 1st it was 0% financing, now he says oh just for buying not for leasing. I said we never told you we wanted to buy, we only wanted to lease a knew that. So I have to go duke it out with Ford tonight!!!! Wish me luck! I am bringing my own boxing gloves I swear !!!

Saturday night I had my nephew...he's so brilliant. 19 month, speaks in full sentences and does sign language for almost all his words. He even reminded me at bedtime with the sign for medicine, and I said what do you want, he repeated the sign and said "tylenol at night-night". (He's teething) How smart is that?!

And Sunday....dishes, laundry, kitty litter, fed the kids, vaccuumed, cleaned the bathroom. Blah, blah, blah. That's all folks!!!
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um.. my weekend i did nothing! today i went to my german course, came home bummed around ate and then my internet disconected and i couldnt log back on, so i went to bed, woke up an hour ago, had dinner and watching tv and cleaning my room along with it
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Afternoon to everyone!
Weekend was a great! At last was raining here! the plants need it about it!
So we spend the weekend doing task works and watching movies on TV!
Have a nice week to everyone!

Fran, ( Fwan ) Tell us, your city is up & down ( i mean Crazy! ) with the preparatives of the Soccer Mundial?????????
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Afternoon to everyone!
Weekend was a great! At last was raining here! the plants need it about it!
So we spend the weekend doing task works and watching movies on TV!
Have a nice week to everyone!

Fran, ( Fwan ) Tell us, your city is up & down ( i mean Crazy! ) with the preparatives of the Soccer Mundial?????????

Yes they are mental!
I cannot wait untill its over, everything in price has gone up by 2 - 5%, in food, clothes, hotels, everything!
IN every shop you see something about football. Flags, t-shirts, things to colour your face, soccer balls, chocolates covered in german flags.. ect..
Today i noticed they put up pictures of football players at my School!

It is ridiculus
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