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Flea Question??

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Kiki is an indoor cat. She never goes outside. Do I need to treat her for fleas even though she is not in contact with any fleas or other animals. When I got her I treated her because she had a few fleas but nothing much. This was about 3-4 months ago. I have not seen a flea on her since I treated her. Thanks for the help.
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Even though my four don't go outside I treat them just to be on the safe side. Sometimes the fleas will jump on you and you track them into your house then they will jump on your cat because they like them more than us since their body temp is higher(although if you're the only one around you'll do quite nicely).

Some flea treatments like Frontline will work for fleas up to 3 months so you might not have to treat her every month. Check with your vet and see what they recommend.
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Just as Jessica said, the fleas can come in on your clothes, shoes and also if you have any cracks around your doors or windows, they will actually come in.

I have found the Frontlline works a lot longer than 1 month.
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