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Hanging Stomach

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My 4 month old kitten is developing a hanging stomach.

She was hand raised from when I found her - only two days old. She has always shown signs of having a stomach like this, but recently it seems to be getting lower and lower...

It doesn't seem to bother her and she jumps and runs around like any normal cat - I'm just worried that it may be an illness that I have missed.

She is a house cat as she had herpes from her mum when she was born and consequently is half blind in one eye and had to have the other one removed - so I don't think she could have picked up anything from another cat.

Could it be that I'm over feeding her? It's just that it doesn't look like 'fat' as the rest of her body is slim.

Bit confused...

Can provide photos if needed.
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There was a thread about this a little while ago

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CAn you post the pic? Its hard to tell if its just flabby tabby or something more serious just by a description.
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