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Eye color

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When does the true color of the eyes appear? My 4 orphans' are grey-bluish but I know that will change. Or maybe not?
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How old are they? I think their adult color comes in around 12-14 weeks.
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my little one is seven weeks old. she had bright blue eyes when i visited her at four weeks but now they are only slightly blue and mostly green.
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Usually if they are not keeping the blue eyes, then they start to change at about 6 weeks on. My "pointed" kittens actually had aqua eyes - blue/green for awhile. They eventually got green. But they went thru 3 color changes from birth to 3 months old, so the eye color was off for awhile.
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I've found that in my cats, after the initial blue/grey, the eyes turn yellowish, and then green later on. Ziggy's turned to gold and now there is some green near the pupils.
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my 6 weekers are still blue grey... not sure if they are going to change
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I can take a while the kittens that I have seen have all changed at different times but normally between 6-10 weeks
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What color eye's do you think Roxie will end up with?? Here she is at 5 weeks.

this was Polly at about 7 weeks. Her eyes are BRIGHT green now.

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I think around a month old they will start to change to more of their adult color.
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