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This place is so wonderful!!!

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Hi everyone! I'm pretty new here although I registered about a week ago. It's so great to find so many people that feel about their cats like I do!
I'm a single mom of three kids, ages 18,15, and 14. I have 5 cats, Ripper(14),Bug (3), Abby (12), Mouse (3), and Little (2). I lost my Sugar last October at the age of 17 1/2, from Hyperthyroidism. She was my baby. Sweetest cat I've ever known and I miss her so very much.
We'll, It'll be wonderful meeting all of you. I feel like I've found a sort of family!
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We definately are a family here and welcome to the family. The more the merrier. I also have 5 cats ranging from 1 to 6 years old. No human kids yet, unfortunately. I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to seeing you post often.
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Hi, JamieAnn. Welcome! I was looking at your profile. I like reading, crafts, and gardening too! I have two Siamese cats, one Collie, and 4 kids. (all on their own) I love music too. I have been a classical musician all of my adult life.
You have a really busy household. I envy you. I have an empty nest, except for my kitties. Thank heaven for pets!
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I wouldn't envy me after this morning! Seems like all my teenage daughters do is bicker constantly every morning. My cats keep me sane, I think! Thanks for the welcome!
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Welcome to the site JamieAnn! It really is like one big family around here. Even if we disagree on the most important topics, well second most important (the most important is our cats! ), we all get along on the next thread.

I remember being that age with my sister. Yup, fighting and bickering were the order of the day. Girl competition you know! We really do get along now, though. It gets better, I swear.
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Welcome Jamie Anne:

You're going to love these folks. I'm relatively new to the site and have lost one of my babies during that time. These nice people have sent me warm thoughts, good wishes and prayers eveyday. You won't meet a nicer group of cat lovers!
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Welcome to the site!! I'm sure you'll enjoy this place as much as the rest of us... and you'll certainly feel like one of the family soon enough!!

Ahhh yes.... sister rivalry.... I have two older sisters, heh heh heh... oh we had some times....;laughing: but now we all get on really well and miss each other!! (we all live away from each other unfortunately...blame the husbands...haha)

Oh and don't forget - we love photos of kitties - so post some when you can!
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Welcome JamieAnn,
I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I do. I have not been a member that long but coming her everyday is a ritual for me. The people here are so helpful and friendly. I just love this place!!
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Hi and welcome! You'll absolutely love it here. I am too familiar with sister rivalry. :LOL: I have 3 sisters and the biggest thing fought over is clothes. Feel free to post whatever you like.
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