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Member Spotlight for 5/22/2006... tilly tiger!!!

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What do I know abotu tilly tiger? I know that she's joined us in November 2005, has 172 posts under her wings and was logged in today!

I also know what her profile says about her, that's she's from the UK and 36 years old. I don't know if she's even willing to be the next victim of this game , I guess we'll soon find out!

Here are my first questions to tilly tiger -

1. Do you live in a rural or urban environment? are you happy with that, or would you prefer to change?
2. When was the last time you visited London? Do you like going there?
3. What was the last movie you went to? Did you like it?
4. 1. What made you join TCS?
5. If you were admin here for the day, what would you change and why?

That's just to kick off the thread - have fun!
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Congrats Tilly...............here are my questions for you!! Have fun!!!

1. Did you get up early on Christmas morning?

2. What did you have to eat on Christmas day?

3. What did your kits get for Christmas from Santa?

4. Is it cold or warm where you are right now?

5. Did you this year or in years long ago leave cookies and milk out for Santa?

Ok, enough Christmas questions.....

6. What is your favorite car?

7. Do you do dishes by hand or do you have a dishwasher?

8. If you had to, would you rather paint or wallpaper?

9. Any plans for a vacation in 2006?

10. How often do you have to do laundry?

11. What type of kitty litter do you like best?

12. Have you ever been skiing? Any type

13. Do you like to iceskate?

14. WHen you cook, do you like to use spices??

15. How do you prefer your eggs?

16. Is there one thing you regret in your past that you wish you could change?

17. Ever had a library book overdue?

18. Does it bother you if your dishes aren't done when you go to bed?

19. What would you say is your favorite vegetable?
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1. Tell us all about your first pet.
2. What do you like best about your kitty?
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Good Afternoon Congâ€RATS†this will be a great week!

Let´s started soo easy for you!!!! ....

How about this??????? today the topic will be around Mexican things!!!

1.- Have you ever to visites México? Wich part?
2.- Can you speak spanish?
3.- Have you ever to try Mexican Food?
4.- Do you like to Drink Tequila? .....
5.- Have you ever to sleep in a hammock?
6.- Do you have a CD of spanish music?
7.- Do you know about the Mayan Culture?
8.- Have you ever to watch Mexican Movies?
9.- Do you like the Spanish music????
10.- If you could to visit a place in México, wich part would be?

Enought for today!!! Have a nice Great week My friend!!!

PS...(Watch for the Ryan´s questions!!!!... I warning you!!! ... ...)
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Okay Tilly Tiger!! Congrats!!!

1.What was your first car?
2.What did you eat for lunch today?
3.What is your favorite novel?
4.Wht do you do for a living?
5.Do you like that job?
6.How many cavities have you had?
7.What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
8.How tall are you?
9.What color is you hair?
10. How many kitties do you have?
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Does anyone know if tilly was PM'd?

I'll ask some anywhooo:

What type of Internet Connection do you have?
Do you have a digital camera?
How did your kitty get it's name?
How old is your cat?
Are you married?
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
If it's raining do you use and umbrella or just get wet?
Do you own a DVD player? If so, how many DVD's do you own?
What is your most prized possession? (Tangible item please)
What size shoe do you wear?
Do you drink alcohol? How often?
What type of books do you like?
What is the strangest thing in your house?
What did you do as a child that your parents got very angry with you because of?
What is your favorite breakfast?
Do you own a pair of yellow socks?

Congrats on being the Spotlight!

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I PM'ed her, but haven't heard back... I hope she checks in soon enough.
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Oh, Tilly,my question is where have you been this week?!? What a terrible thing, to be in the spotlight, and not to be on-line this week!

When you do get back, you will need to answer these questions!

What is your favorite smiley?

Do you like spagetti served with the sauce and noodles separate, or mixed together?

How many accidental litters have you had?

What is your favorite kind of candy?

If you could have lunch with any one person, who would it be and why?

Do you like paper or plastic (grocery bags)?
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ok then thank you all.

i was told about the site from another member by Kev. My first car was a mini and yes i was up early on xmas day cause of 2 small children and i had a tradional lunch. I live in an urban area and not long moved to my new house. i have got 2 cats tilly was named because of her markings and dotty was named by my oldest daughter. I am seperated/divorced. i go campin when the weather here in the uk is suitable
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