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Saw Willie Nelson Tonight!

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Willie for his age was amazing 2 hours none stop and he never missed a beat. Hubby and I had a great time.We had 3rd row seats. Heres a few pics.

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COOL! I love Willie Nelson! He looks the same as he ever did!
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Wow, I bet you had a great time!

3rd row seats? Lucky you - great pics!
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Not my style of music but good for you for going to see him and with such great seats!

'Course I'm the type who says "If it isn't front row it's no good!" but getting front row is very rare I understand.

WONDERFUL pictures! Concert pics are hard to get mine rarely ever come out good, but from what I do get they still look great!

It's also good to hear you went with your hubby now that's definitly a good memory for the scrapbook!
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He really IS amazing! He has not changed since I saw him over 20 years ago! Did he sing Red Headed stranger or The TIME of the Preacher or blue eyes crying in the rain!

Darn I miss everything!

George Strait was just a couple of hours away from me but I had to miss him as I cannot see to drive in the dark!
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He sang all three of the songs you mentioned!
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Cool. At my first Willie Nelson concert, I was backstage and got to watch from right behind the sound man.
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Wow-that is so cool! I love Willie He looks like he never changes,lol....
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Willie is one of the few country singers that I really like.
I even have a couple of his CD's.
He has country soul.
Great pictures.
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I'm 49 years old and this is the first time I have ever been to a concert same with hubby. He sang Whiskey River and he had the whole place standing!
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