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indoor to outdoor

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my sweet baby boris is 12 weeks old and i am trying to figure out how to get him to be an indoor/outdoor kittie, as all my previous kitties were. trouble is, i'm not comfortable just popping him out the door to fend for himself--i'm afraid he won't find home again when he's ready.
we live in a neighborhood with few fences and the lots are small and sort of cookie cutter-like. i wouldn't be at all surprised if he can't recognize his house! he doesn't have any siblings to cat-talk him home or act as a search party, and he's still in the "you're-not-the boss-of me" kitten mentality, so if my hubby and i went after him, he's probably bolt('cause he's wackie!) i suppose we could lure him back in with his catnip rhinosaur which he adores, but i'm still uncertain.
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Is there anyway you can build a small enclosure for him outside attached to house, where he can have a taste of freedom but not the dangers that are out there? Or perhaps you could train him to harness and leash, the training would be indoors at first until he accepts and gets comfortable with it, but it is an effective way of letting a kitty go outdoors and keeping them safe at the same time. I have indoor outdoor cats, but I live in the country and my cats were all feral from the beginning. If I lived in the city and had domesticated cats, I would think seriously of keeping them indoors, and I doubt I would have over 3 cats as well.
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If he's happy indoors, why not leave him be? He's much safer inside, anyway.
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I agree completely with Krissie.
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we live in the centre of town, very close to a busy road....jasper, our stray used to be let out all day, with a catflap into the garage....but after twice nearly seeing him under the wheels of cars we decided to keep our 2 in....they go out on leads.....which is fine till another cat wanders into view....then all hell breaks loose....last time this happened my boyfriend picked him up and he savaged his hand....it looks like a lion pawed him!!!
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You could try using a harness and leash with your kitten. That way he will have the freedom of going outside, but his safety will not be compromised.

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If he's happy inside, please keep him there or else do try to build him an enclosure. There are many different outside enclosures, runs, etc. now for cats. Please don't let him run free without a fenced yard at least. Many dangers await cats on the loose. Is he neutered yet? Make sure he is before anything else.
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thanks for the advice! trouble is, he seems exceedingly interested in going outdoors and although i do have a leed for him, i am unfamiliar and so far uncomfortable to using it. i've taken him out several times with the lead attached to his collar, and he seems happy for me to drop it and let him explore. it's when he gets too far that i pick him up and bring him closer in, but...i don't think either of us is satified with how this is going. i've not seen a harness to go along with the leed, but it sounds like it may help...
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It would be better for kitty if you could get a harness instead of a collar to go with the lead. He is probably uncomfortable with the lead because it jerks on his neck, or pulls rather. To get him used to the harness, first just let him see it, by putting it on the floor near his food bowl, or where he sleeps. Once he is used to that, then spray it lightly or rub it with catnip and put it on him and watch and see what he does. You want him to roll in it and get used to how it feels so that the lead is not quite so foreign to him. Then, introduce the lead to him by putting it on in the house but letting the leash drop so he drags it. Make this supervised and just follow him as he gets used to the drag of the thing. When you do finally put him outside with his equipment on, do not pull him, just follow him wherever it is he wants to go. If he looks like he is getting in trouble just pick him up and carry him back inside. Reward him with treats everytime he is good with the harness and lead and this whole process can take a few weeks to a month to get them used to it without problems. Good luck!
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