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Help Cat Pee

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I am new and I posted in Health and Nutrition about my cat who recently had mucus in his stool and a little bit of blood, WELL HE JUST PEEED ALL OVER his bed. There wasn't any blood in it but the litterbox is CLEAN why would he do that? He shares it with another cat (the litter box). He also poops in the tub somtimes too. He did this even before we got another cat. I switched litters and I scoop everyday and fresh litter every week. Why would he poop and pee. He is netured so it doesn't seem like marking it is more like, " I think I'll pee here"

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Perhaps a litterbox of his own will help. Rule of thumb: 1 box for each cat.
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I heard the rule of thumb is cats +1 meaning for every one cat you have, you need one more litter box.. 2 cats. 3 boxes, 3 cats, 4 boxes... and so on.
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Please take your kitty to the vet. Peeing outside of the litterbox can very be a sign of a health problem. Male nuetered cats are more probne to get a UTI.
You may not actually see the blood in the urine but could very well be there.
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Please click here to find a page that has a thread on litterbox problems (it is about inappropriate peeing) and another on poop problems.

You will see in both threads that taking the cat to the vet is the first thing you must do because peeing and pooping outside the litterbox is most often due to illness.

Please take your cat to the vet ASAP.
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