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Introducing Beckiboo's newest foster...Natalie and kits.

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I have posted about Natalie on the kitten board. Here are some pics of 4 of her 6 daughters. The kittens are 23 days old, and I got them yesterday!
Tortie with orange nose.

Tortie with orange eyes.

Ginger kitten.

And dilute tortie. This is the larger dilute tortie.
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Aww-how precious!! They are too sweet.
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Here is a pic of Natalie with 2 kittens yesterday. She is a little upset today, and not being photogenic!

And 4 of the kits yesterday...the little dilute tortie (gray) kitten on top of her larger sister seems to be the most adventurous girl. She looks just like a little gray mouse running around the room today!
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Gosh, they are just too cute for words! I just love Natalie too, she looks exactly like my parents cat Tabby.
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They are so cute! I am in love with the ginger kitten. The way he held his little feeet up for the pic is just too precious.
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Oh my goodness! They are all so cute - I can't wait til the litter that John's Mom's cat had gets that big! So far they are only 1 week old - I have aways to go yet!
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Aw, they're so cute! Natalie looks young!
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Natalie is only 1-1/2 years old. She is very pretty, and was lovey in the car, but the moment we entered my house she became a growling hissing girl. Luckily the kittens are already tamed, because otherwise I would not be able to get them away from her! I hope tomorrow, with the house being quieter (kids at school!), she will calm down some.

She is in 17 y/o ds's room, since my last foster Sarabi is still in the kitty room. So ds can't sleep in his bed, and he is camping out in my 6 y/o son's room. Let me tell you, the 17 y/o is not too impressed! He wants Sarabi for a roommate instead, because she is a sweety. Maybe after Sarabi gets spayed next week I can figure out a way to trade rooms for them.

The kittens are so cute, though! Hopefully Natalie calms down...her previous owner said she was a very nice cat.
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They are darling, Mommy doesn't even look 1 1/2 years. Good Luck with them.
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Natalie is very tiny. DS's alarm clock went off this am, and I had to go all the way into his room to turn it off...she hissed and growled, but then rubbed against my legs. I'm just not sure how to read her.

I left his clock radio playing today, hopefully that will distract her from listening to every other sound in the house!
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Ah, Natalie is a gorgoeus girl! and her kittens are just the cutest too! all girls, huh?
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Those kits are so cute!! i am giong to have to ban everyone from posting kitten pictures because it makes me want another soooo bad!!
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They are soooooo darling!
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Natalie's behavior has gotten worse. I posted details on the stray and feral board...if anyone has any ideas to help I would appreciate it. Thankfully the kittens are already tame...because although it doesn't seem to upset her if I pick them up, they have to be a certain distance from her before it is safe to touch them!
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