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Dear friends.

I find that this is not a safe place for me any longer. Not because of any of you, but because of my ex.

I won't tell you the whole story. He feels justified in trolling through here to see what I say about him. I think he is just looking for trouble.

He read something here today that I was thinking at one point about a restraining order, and decided that I am wrong to say that, because it doesn't make him look good. I can't be here if I can't share how I feel when I feel it, and I can't do that if I have to be thinking all the time about whether I am being monitored and if I will get a phone call again to chew me out for not telling everyone what a great guy he is.

Furthermore, I cannot seem to avoid addressing him - since I know he is listening - and you all don't need to be exposed to my wrath. You all don't need to experience the sniping that is bound to happen. So I think it's better for me to go now.

I will miss you all, you've been good friends. You can always reach me at my e-mail, and I hope to hear from a few of you every now and then.

Peace & blessings
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I'm so sorry to hear that this place is no longer a sanctuary for you

Best of luck, and hopefully we'll see you again, in the not so distant future.
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You will be missed around here. Take care of yourself.
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Oh Allison, how sad that he has invaded your trust in him further by resorting to lurking in the shadows and then retalitating against you. Shame on him for driving even a further wedge between him and the mother of his child. I will miss you, please PM me if you need to talk or email me as well if you would like. God Bless you and Lauren and may you find happiness very soon.
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I'm very sad to hear you are going.

Maybe when things settle down someday you can pop back in.

Good luck in your new life.
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Ex spouses. Who'd have them. Mine shadowed me for a year and a half - nothing physically threatening, just creating annoyance and not allowing the both of us to get on with our lives and put the past behind us.

I'd be tempted to say stand and fight it. Don't let him chase you away from somewhere you enjoy, and isolate you at what can be an incredibly lonely time. As long as you're not saying anything defamatory and only voicing thoughts what can he do?

Take care and stay brave.

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Sunlion - take care of yourself and your daughter. Hopefully when things cool off you can come back. We will miss you.
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Please come back as soon as you can. He can't get to your personal e-mail, can he? God bless you. I know it seems impossible now, but all of this bitterness fades somewhat with time, and both of you will be too busy with your new lives to dwell on it. Right now is a very difficult time, I know, and I hope it passes soon so we can have our friend back.
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Allison, I'm going to miss you around here. I hope after things settle down you might consider returning. It's not going to be the same around here without you but I understand that you have both you and Lauren's safety to think about. Take care and I hope you find peace soon.
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Although I don't know you very well, I will definitely miss you being around here. It's very sad that someone else's insecurity can force you to give up something that gives you joy. When things calm down, I hope that you will join us here again. And we really don't mind if you lurk around here to keep up with what's going on.

I wish you only the brightest happiness in the world, you certainly deserve it.
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I'm sorry you have to leave because of your ex It shouldn't have to be that way for you. Is there a way maybe you can create a new screen name for the time being, so he won't know it is you? It may seem like a dumb idea, but this way you can still post! I hope things will calm down so you can come back. Take care of yourself and your daughter.
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Do NOT let him run you off! You are a valuable member here.
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Don't go. if you do he'll think he can run your life even though you are apart. If he can't stand what you are writing in the privacy of your own home then he shouldn't be looking now should he? He has no control over your life now and if he calls and bi**ches then tell him to kiss your a**! or hang up the phone and don't give him a chance to try and control you that way. Please sunlion, don't go just tell him to get over it and let him deal with it.
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Please don't go, Allison! Isn't there some way you can stay? I will really miss you here!
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