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Mei Toi Munchkin - Right cat for me?

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How big does it get? Is it quiet? Is it high-strung? Aloof?
Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
My preferences are for quiet, low-key (but not zombie-ish) and very loving
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Mei Toi Munchkins were originally registered with that name by a breeder in the United Feline Org. (UFO). They are "Mini" Munchkins, that the breeder says will get to be about 6 lbs. Most Munchkins will be that size anyway. There are larger ones however.

As far as temperment, they would have the same temperment as any other Munchkin, however....

It does depend upon the temperment of the parent(s), the love and care they recieve, and remember, ANY feline doesn't get it's permenant personality until about a year old, give or take.

Hope that hepls, and if you have any other questions, just ask...

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So true.. Thanks Ken
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Quick question: What is "raised underfoot" ?
I've seen the term but I don't know what it means.
thank you
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One of the real breeders can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it means the kittens are raised in a house just like they are part of the family. Some breeders keep queens and kittens in cages, or at a separate facility from where they live. Raised underfoot means they have as much human interaction as any "pet" who had kittens.

Is that close Ken, Sandie, Frannie??
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Yeppers... Although there are disadvantages to that.

If you have a multi cat(pet) household and you mix the kittens in with them, then as the only immune system things they have are what they get from thier mommies, there could be a potential for illness.
On the upside they do get socialized, as long the breeder doesn't have sooo many cats that they can't keep track of them... I have seen darn near feral kittens that were raised underfoot...

We do a mix, we don't cage any of our cats, ever. We have a seperate room that we use only for breeding and birthing and raising of the kittens. The room is our "Cattery", and where we also have our "home office" completely kitten safe. The door has been cut out to allow for a 1/2 inch welded wire screen framed into it, that way they don't feel isolated (our Bedroom is right acroos the hall). We spend a great deal of time in that room, 1 or both of us, as well as Kylee, so the kitties are very socialized as well. It also allows us to expose the kittens to our very large dog for limited periods so they are much more adaptable to going to homes that have a dog.

When there are no kittens, all the females are in the room, and we swap them every week with the one whole male we have.. so we don't have any oopses.

Remember we are a very small cattery so that works well for us and the breeding males, females and kittens as well. We can control the environment as closely as possible without having to cage.

I hope this makes sense....

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