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How many!

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so far when i have been mixing formula i have been doing 1-11/2 scoops powder to 4 tablespoons water...should i up the formula? im trying not give him as much bottle to get him weaned.
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My can of kitten formula has directions on the can...I use the scoop to measure the powder and the water. (Or I use a medicine cup...just so the measure is accurate.) My brand says one part powder to two parts water, I think. Just follow the directions on the can.
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Are the instructions 2 parts water to 1 part powder (the KMR we had was)? If you're diluting it down considerably (ie 4 to 1) that very well may be the reason why he's wanting to feed so frequently. It just may not be satisfying his appetite even though he's "finishing" the bottle.
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He should also be on the stage 2 KMR weaning formula, not the infant.
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I give my nursing momma cat KMR and we have the powder and it is 1 tablespoon/teaspoon powder and 2 tablespoons/teaspoons of water!

I hope that helps! Good luck!
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well i was giving him 1 to 2 i believe and then he didnt have poop for over a week...so i started to make it thinner...also i end up adding more water because the bottle at 11/2 powder 4 water isnt full all the way...maybe since 5 tablespoons is what fills the bottle,ill do 2 tablespoons not way to the top of powder and then the water to fill it..i dont want to do bottle at all but he isnt eating that much dry food.
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I'll bet that's why he's been waking up and wanting to eat so often through the night when he used to sleep through. By diluting it, it solved one problem but probably created another since he's getting a little under less than half the nutrition and milk solids than he was at full strength.

There's no reason the bottles need to be filled to the top, is there?

I know how you feel about not wanting to keep on doing bottles. We only thought we'd be keeping this kitten a few days so I grabbed a can of KMR off the shelf at $7.19 for 12 ounces. Grabbed two more when we needed a few days and then when we decided to keep him until he was weaned and could go to his family I brought home the powder. He did *terribly* with it--couldn't fill him up, frantic and upset at feedings, not feeling well. Nutritionally it should be the same but obviously he didn't think so! the upshot is that we have done cans the whole time and it's cost an arm and a leg. He's eating solids well now but still takes some KMR mixed with wet food and still has about 2 milk meals a day. It would make my life much simpler not to mention far cheaper if he made the leap totally.
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