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As some of you have already read in another thread, Squeeker (previously Scorch) is a 3 wk. old kitten my husband rescued from a house fire on Friday. So far he is doing extremely well thanks to those of you who have already helped with regards to him not eating. He is now eating and how! I feed him every 4 hours and he eats great. I then stimulate him to go to the bathroom. He urinated great but he has not pooped since Fri. morning when we first cleaned him up from the fire. He had massive amounts of poop on Fri. from all the stress. I am wondering if he was just so malnourished that he is absorbing all the nutrients and since he basically cleaned his little system out, it might take a while. I got on kitten and they are helpful but not in telling me how long before I should be seriously concerned. I tried getting ahold of my veterinarian but I have yet to hear back from them. I have never fostered a kitten this young before so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!