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I saw a rainbow friday

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Friday morning I was getting off work and I had started to head out when I realized I needed to go to the restroom well on the way inside I ran into a girl in a different department that I have known since I was a baby her daughter was a schoolmate of mine. Well as she walked outside she squealed and then said oh my God and I turned to see what she was talking about because I thought something was wrong. And there it was a perfect rainbow. Was just as big and beautiful across that morning sky and as I looked I realized there was another one infront of this one it was already fading but you could still see it. Seeing one true rainbow is rare enough but to see two together is just incredible. I think its one of Gods miracles he shares with us. And the funny thing is before seeing these rainbows I had been in a down mood. It was like they were sent to me as a sign that everything was okay. It was just amazing my mood went from down in the dumps to cloud nine. And the sky was dark and cloudy except for the rainbows and it made me think wow you know that's kind of like life. There might be some dark times in your life but if you look ahead there's a lot of rainbows too. And it just lifted me from a dark place to a really good one. And I thought I would share it with everyone.
Love and Hugs Gail, Tavia, and Lilly
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I love rainbows too.
They always make me feel better.
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Rainbows are truly incredible......no doubt!
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I saw a rainbow last night, but just a partial.

I only saw a double rainbow once in my life - its a very special sight, isn't it!?!
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I love rainbows! Seems like its been ages since I have seen one though.
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