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Is it ok to...? Any quick opinions help!

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Well Azriel is going to 6 weeks old tomorrow. I started him on the baby food chicken he wouldnt eat it at first. Then I went to the fancy feast he took a bite once then never again...A couple days ago he did eat a tablespoon on 2 day of the baby food....In the middle of the night he was crying and i noticed myself feeding him his bottle every 2 hours. On friday i went to walmart and bought purina kitten chow....i put some in a bowl and then in another bowl some with the kmr...he tried the one with kmr first but now i only have the solid one out...he will eat occasionally if i put him up to it but he'll cry first. I just went and bought another thing of kitten replacement formula...i was going to feed him bottle only one before he went to bed is that ok? or will he be starving? im trying to get him off the bottle...Also I was going to put some formula in a bowl so he can lap it up is that a good idea? i still sholdn't be giving him milk right? or is it ok? Also my motherin law has been bugging me i always gave her previous litters tuna and they loved it...so i went to walmart but one can of tuna in water(name brand tuna) i just wanted to know is it ok for him to have tuna and how often? Getting ready to feed him some opinnions would be awsome!
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I am no expert so just from what I read on here. do NOT give a kitty milk. I would put down a saucer or bowl of water for him to start drinking that. ummmmmmmmmm not sure what they should be having for bottles at 6 weeks sorry! Thought I read no on tuna but if they won't eat the food you can mix the juices from the tuna in it to entice him into it..........

not sure on the other things. But I know I read here (and heard before) milk is NO NO for kitties as it can constipate them...............
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While a youngster is in transition to a totally different food I don't think you can set in stone which type of food you're going to feed it. Azreal has just started the transition to solid food so I wouldn't be too hasty in pulling out the bottles yet. Doubly so if she's not lapping up water yet and prefers dry food to moist because it's important they get their fluids. If he's eating solids only occasionally I would guess he's not quite ready to go down to one bottle feeding per day. When he's ready he'll probably be snubbing the bottle in favor or solid food and then gobble it down like crazy, not crying and eating the solids because it's the only choice available. When he's ready he'll probably go gangbusters on the solids.
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Bottle kittens are pretty darned good at letting you know when they are done with the bottle.
Unlike dogs, cats will starve rather than eat something they don't like.
Better to wait and let him tell you when he's ready.

Are you heating the baby food and canned foods slightly?

Oh and under no circumstances should cow's milk ever be given to a cat, it can makes their little stomaches quite upset, and even give them a bad case of the runs.
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Tuna is not good for cats, unless it's a Tuna flavoured cat food. Purina kitten chow also doesn't have very good ingredients, Purina One kitten is better but personally i would go with Nutro dry and pouches.
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Reading these responses im confused...one person says one thing is good then i buy it and someone else says its not...i thought purina kitten chow was a good choice for kittens? geesh!
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Generally speaking, any cat/kitten/dog/puppy foods that you can get at a grocery store are not that great.
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oh i was told tuna was ok as a treat occasionally...now its not good at all? also anyone who has weaned....if im trying not to give him bottle but he crys and only eats the dry foor occasionally...how many times should i reach for the bottle??? should i let him cry and learn to eat the dry food....when i gave in he was over doing it wanting bootle every 2 hours....
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At 6 weeks he should not need a bottle every two hours.
Since he is used to that, why don't you start by spreading it out to every three hours, slowly working towards fewer and fewer feedings.
Though feed as much as he'll take at each feeding.

I got my last baby down to three bottles a day before she decided she didn't want it anymore.

Are you using the KMR newborn, or have you switched him to the weaning formula?

Here you'll find a feeding schedule based on age.
Feeding schedule
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When Azreal is an adult, and totally into solid food as his main meals, it would be okay to OCCASSIONALLY offer him a couple of little slivers of tuna...they do love it, and when given as an occassional treat, it's fine. Mine get tuna whenever I decide to make tuna salad sandwiches, which is probably only like once every two months. Since he's just a babe, and learning the whole solid food thing, I would hold off on the tuna thing...but as someone else said, you can use the tuna water to entice him to eat wet food...I've heard of this helping.

About Purina Kitten Chow...it's easily accessible at the discount and grocery stores, and inexpensive, and if this is all you can afford, then it'll probably be fine. I may get jumped on for telling you that, but I feel that it's true. Do I think that Kitten Chow is as ideal of a diet as Nutro, Royale Canine, Innova, or Wellness? No, and I'm fully aware that it isn't as healthy. But, your kitten needs to eat, and if Kitten Chow is what you can afford, then it's fine. Many a kitten has been raised to a healthy adulthood on Purina Kitten Chow. We are sometimes SO concerned about premium nutrition that we do often forget that we ourselves aren't often consuming the best of the best, and yet somehow manage to live long and healthy lives...I feel that genetics and quality of life have the most impact on how healthy and animal remains and on longevity. My mother-in-law is quite possibly the most cat crazy individual I've ever met...she's always had at least 8 in her home as long as I've ever known her. And you know what? Each and every one of them were raised on Purina Kitten Chow as kittens...and every last one of them has lived to be over 18 years old. So there!!! LOL

Yes, begin to spread out the feedings. If you can get him down to 2 or 3 bottle feedings, and plop down the kitten chow soaked in KMR or tuna juice in between, then you may be on your way. Don't just ditch the bottle...that will not go over well...gradually begin to space out and reduce the # of bottle feedings...he does not need to be fed every 2 hours!!!! Offer lots of chances to nibble on the dry/moist food. Let us know what happens!
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My current kittens took VERY well to baby cat by royal canin(they didnt even eat kmr or wet food-started eating the sry at about 4 weeks old)-very small kibbles. its different then their kitten formula-babycat is for 1-4 month old kittens. I know its sold at petco and petsmart and some of the small stores i went to-pricy at 13.49 for 3.5 lbs but if it works worth it. RJ
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