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Strange new behavior

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This one has me stumped.....

My cat Fallon, who is a 3 year old(I think 2 and a half 3ish) DSH has started doing something that has me a little worried. She has always been a skittish cat who will bolt from the room and hide out for a bit if you walk by her. She has a really annoying habit of running from her food bowl at feeding time and hiding under the bed sometimes but now she's doing EVERY feeding.

She would do this every once in a while but now she's runs every day and every time I go to feed her. I have to catch her and put her in her cage and close the door to make sure she doesn't hide and her food doesn't get eaten by the other cats and dogs. I wouldn't worry so much if she was a big fat cat but she's teeny tiny and I'd hate for her to miss her dinner.

Nothing new has changed in the house and she eats seperately from everyone else. She was just at the doctor's and got a clean bill of health and appears to be very healthy so I don't think it's a health problem. In fact once I close her in the cage(a big 4 foot by 3 foot cage) she eats all of her food without hesitation.

Anyone have any suggestions on what might be up with the little peanut?
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Is it possible that one of your other cats is somehow making Fallon feel uneasy at feeding time?????
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LOL-She may be the littlest one in the house but she is the biggest bully. Now if any of the other cats were doing this I might consider it's because Fallon stalks them during dinner time but no one bothers her.

In fact everyone has their own little eating station. Mitzi in the kitchen, Xavier in the dining room, Sampson in the living room and Fallon in our bedroom.
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I was thinking the same thing that Lorie thought. Another possibility is that she could be playing the game, "You're the enemy!" My cats have all played this game at one time or another. The kitty who sleeps with you every night suddenly decides to run under a table, and if you follow her, she runs elsewhere. Of course she then misses sleeping with you so she stops the game after about a week.
The other thought is that there's no competition for food, so why not play games? If there was another cat ready and willing to eat her food, I think she'd eat it. I doggy sat for a friend once, and the dog wouldn't eat, so I brought my collie into the room and kept her beside me. She salivated at the thought of eating! Somehow my charge realized Sari was a doggie garbage disposal, and she ate immediately!
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That's a good idea Jeanie with the competition idea and all but she's not that food driven. She'd just step aside and let whatever gobble up her food and she'd run off to torture Mitzi.

I've come up with an idea though and it seems to be working although it's a pain in the rear to do it all the time. When she runs from feeding time I let her. Once she comes out and walks my way I grab her up and put her in her cage and close the door and she eats. It's annoying because I have to keep an eye out for her and sometimes she won't make an apperance for an hour or so. Whatever though as long as she eats. **sighs**
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