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Since the cattery opened properly two months ago I have only had a few cats in and recently Bubi was bought in by an elderly gay man who had raised him from 15 days old.

The old gentlemans words to me were 'you will look after my Bubi won't you'

Bubi was around 15 years old and a very quiet sedate cat, he spent most of his time in his bed asleep.

2 weeks ago I went out to feed the cats at 8.15 am as usual and Bubi jumped down and rubbed round my ankles, suddenly he jumped up in the air as if he had had a static shock and went into a fit.

I rushed him to the vets and he went into a coma but after a fw days he recovered although was still having fits.

The vet thought he may have had a brain tumor or epilepsy and that he may have fitted before but the owner may not have know.

By Saturday he was on the road to recovery and when I visited him he stood up and greeted me, the vet said it was the first time he had stood up since I took him in.

He had no more fits over the wekend and on Monday I brought him back to the cattery I was very relieved that he seemed to have made a good recovery.

The owner had promised to ring me with contact details when he arrived at his destination and upto that time he had not so I had been unable to call him.

Bubi seemed so well he was eating more and more active than before the fits.

But Thursday morning I went out and he was fitting again but I had no Idea how long he had been fitting. I put him ina atravel box rushed inside and rang the vets to say I was on the way but by thetime I returned Bubi had passed away.

I am so upset he was a lovely old cat and much loved by his owner Peter.

The vet confirmed that there was nothing I could have done and the previous cat I had that fitted a month ago was not connected (that cat I found out later had had fits before it came in but no one had bothered to inform me), I am now getting paranoid about anything going wrong with the cat I have in at the moment and one I have due in at teh end of the month.

Last night Peter called and I broke the bad news I was crying more than he. I am praying he does not blame me and I feel so bad for him and Bubi.

RIP poor Bubi you were a sweet old chap and will be much missed.
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I'm so sorry about Bubi. But you did everything you could and was there for him until the end.
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i'm sorry to hear this story, there is nothing that you could have done and I am sure that the owner won't blame you
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Rest in Peace little Bubi, you were very much loved sweety.
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Thats so sad I'm sure Bubi's owner will understand that because of his age this had nothing to do with you.

Run fast across the bridge Bubi and have fun until you see your owner again
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I'm sorry you lost Bubi You did everything to save him.

RIP Bubi
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Rest in peace Bubi.
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I am so sorry to you and Peter in the loss of Bubi! May he rest in peace!
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Condolences on the loss of Bubi. If it is comfortable, please let Peter know that we at TCS send condolences to him. As for Bubi, perhaps the stress of Peter going off set off this problem - I am sure that the problem was lurking in the background. At any rate, Bubi was receiving the best of care, and felt safe enough in your care to let his spirit fly home. What an awful burden for you to have borne, CasaDeGato; but I feel that it was better for Bubi to have passed away in your care rather than for Peter to have witnessed it. Poor Peter...
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