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New Baby Pictures!

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They are 2 weeks and 3 days they are...

One Big Happy Family:

Im going to attempt to take indivdual pictures of the babies today as long as Momma doesnt mind, im gonna name then too, I'll post those pictures as soon as I get them!
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Beautiful babies!!!!!!!! Is there 6 or 7 of them? In one pic I thought I may have been a 7th but couldnt tell if it was just the way they were laying. lol
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I counted 7...whoo!!! That's a big litter!
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lol, there are 7, its hard to tell they always sleep in a pile.
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wow! you are gonna have your hands full when they start running all over your house! LOL
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Oh my gosh, they're gorgeous!
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Oh my goodness!

They are all so precious - I'm in love!
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They are so lovely! i love kittens
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Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! I love the markings. I would hold them now, can I come over?
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They look the markings!!!
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wow that's alot of babies! they are beautiful!
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I had the same que. on 6 or 7. hahaaa! Tried to count the heads but some you couldn't see all the heads but a body didn't look like it belonged to any showing. LOL heheeee.

They are TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can you tell them apart!
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7 kittens-wow!! They are all so beautiful-are they tabby or bengals?
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks
are they tabby or bengals?
Thats what I was wondering as well
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Momma is an F1 Bengal and the dad is a Savannah/Amur Leopards cat mix.

I just love them.My favorite is the biggest. I also am growing attached to the runt, he is a fighter, so cute.
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Originally Posted by Sydney
Momma is an F1 Bengal and the dad is a Savannah/Amur Leopards cat mix.
They are precious now, but they sure are going to be gorgeous cats when they get older - I love their markings!!
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They are adorable!
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Lots and lots of dots! How cute!
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Do you have pics of the parents? I would love to see the daddy and a better pic of Mom... aren't Amur leopards kind of big?
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They will definitely be gorgeous cats.
Bengals (and bengal mixes) are so marvelous-looking...they have more of a wild exotic kitty thing going. Aww!!! And couldn't be luckier!
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Thanks everyone!

Here are some pictures of Mom and Dad.


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Oooooh..... can't stop staring at the handsome father.
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Romeo is the perfect for Daddy kitty.
Mommy and babies are just adorable. :
Lucky you....
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Very precious babies. Mom looks so happy...
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OMG! They are so cool looking! I love their markings. Very beautiful kittens you have there.
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