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Electric Lawn Mowers?

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Does anyone have one and how well does it work? We're looking into getting one to save on the cost of gas. Plus the electric start means no pulling a cord.

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My hubby bought one and a year later decided he didn't like it, I don't think they work that well according to him, plus the idea it has to be plugged in, doesn't sound to safe to me, electricity and a cord, you have to be real careful, he said it was to much trouble.
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I have Black & Decker Lawn Hog electric mower purchased four years ago and love it. You do have to be careful of the cord, but I've found it much easier to use, and more reliable than a gas mower. It's very lightweight and does a great job, even if I let the grass grow a little too long!
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How big is your yard? If it's huge, and you're going to have to worry about an industrial-type extension cord that'll take forever to roll up again, you're better off with a gas-powered mower. Our yard isn't large, and we've always had an electric mower here. The first one lasted over twenty years (though we had to get a new cord twice), and we're now on our second, and quite pleased with it.
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Our yard isn't that big. Really in the back there's hardly any grass, mostly weeds (yae for Rentals!).

Eilcon - I think that's the one we are looking at. That's good to know!
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I used one for ten years in London, and it was fine. I was very careful with the cord - and put in an extra circuit breaker in case of an accident.
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