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ok I have had cats before but my new kittens are sneezing alot...I have heard that is a sign they are prolly sick.. any help would be aprecitated!

here are some pics of my babies!
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Those photos make it look like Demon's third eyelids are showing, which is usually a sign of illness. They should both be taken to a vet and checked for a URI.
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I bought both of them from a vets office. They were supposed to be from the same litter but I don't believe it.
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we got Demon from a vet's office. they told me that his third eye lids don't close all they way and that is why he has crazy eyes. and that there are no pigmants and most cats have pigments in their third eye lids. the vet tech told me they won't bother him but I am worried about him getting something on them and it bothering him... like how dogs get cherry eye....
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Is there any mucus when they sneeze? Or goopy eyes? If so, they probably have a URI. I think vets usually prescribe an antibiotic to prevent bacterial infection.
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no mucus and no goopy eyes... they are acting normal playing and sleeping....
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You may want to check with another vet just to be safe. This one doesn't sound to be to reputable if you don't believe them about them being litter mates. Sneezing could be leading to a URI. I've never heard of a cat's third eyelid showing for no reason before.. though it's possible. I don't understand the part about the pigment.
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I don't really understand any of it but we will see I am going to call some of the other vets in town tomorrow... see what they say and see how soon I can get them fixed!
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