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Some questions

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I have some questions I'd like to ask, thanks in advance for any replies.

Im wondering when Momma wont mind having her babies picked up? I try not to pick them up, the only time i did before was to weigh them. The last time i picked them up was to change the bedding and she moved them. She likes me, loves being petted, but when can i pick one up with out her worrying so much?

Also at what age can kittens start to regulate their temperture? Since they were born i had the air vent shut in their room, its pretty warm in there, and its starting to get hotter outside. Should I open the vent in there agian?It gets kind of stuffy.The babies are 2 weeks and 3 days old.

Whats a good age to start handling them so they get use to people? I talk to them all the time cause i think their ears opened, i want to get them use to my voice, and Momma lets me pet them. When I come in I say "Hey Babies" and they all start meowing. I want them to get use to people picking them up but i dont want to stress them either, so whats a good age for that?

Momma moved them behind the couch ontop of a pillow that was back there, but now the pillow looks real dirty, i dont want the babies on it, but im nervous to move them cause i dont want to freak out Momma. I do have this dog bed that would be perfect, never been used by a dog,maybe i should try putting them in there? Hopefully she wont move them.

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You can handle kittens from the moment they are born. Gently, carefully and not often. To avoid mom cat from moving kittens from one place to another, just make sure that the place you move everyone to is darkish and secluded (esp. away from the inquisitive and loud 2 legged toddlers). The magic window of time for socialising kittens is 2 to 8 weeks.

You can already start cuddling them and talking to them at this age.
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If momma isn't comfortable with you holding them you need to go slow. I held them close to me so they felt safe and only approached when she was in the nest. If I held them while she was outside the nest she would growl and jump in like she was trying to protect them. I would take one at a time and only hold it as long as the momma seemed comfortable. When I was done holding it, I would let her smell it and then put it back at her side. I held every kitten, even if it was only for 10 seconds (that way they all smell the same). After she was sure I hadn't harmed them, momma didn't mind if I held them longer. If they holler, her instincts are to find out what is wrong, so don't be worried if she makes some noise. Funny thing was, my 12 year old son would come in, plop down and hold them for as long as he liked and momma didn't even bat an eye Stay calm, I think that made a difference, I was a little tense. I told him this was payback time=try and do your homework now

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Thank you!
I just went in and gave momma KMR, while she was distracted I put the babies in the dog bed and moved the pillow and replaced it with the dog bed. I also scooted the couch forward a couple inches so i could comfortably sit next to the bed and cuddle with the babies. They cry when i pick them up but hopefully they will stop eventually. The only one who seems to really enjoy the attention is the big one, he never cries when i pick him up and he just lays on my lap while i pet him, he is huge!

Also whe is it safe to take their pics? They all have there eyes open.

Thanks agian!
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I did the same thing, distract her with a treat I think if you make her feel comfortable, she will be fine with you holding the babies. Mine are going to be 6 wks on Monday and they still cry sometimes when I pick them up. You can take pictures now. Take them to a place with good natural lighting or even outside if possible. I think it is safe to use a flash now, as long as you aren't too close.
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BTW, where in California are you? I'm in Ventura County. Our weather has been yucky!
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Agian thank you!

Im in Southern California, the San Fernando Valley. It is suppose to rain today but its been so hot all week, this weather is weird!
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Oh, I live in Oxnard, at the beach. It doesn't ever get really hot here. It is raining here right now. This just doesnt seem like nice Cali weather
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