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Issues with my cats

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I'm having an issue with two of my cays im hoping someone can help me.

I had Isabelle,Giles,Stash and Fez first, they are indoor/outdoor cats. Before they use to be just indoor but we had so many problems with them, like pooping and peeing out of the box and destroying things.

So my boyfriend and I got two other cats, Romeo and Momma. Momma is wonderful, she is the best cat, she just had 7 babies 2 weeks ago. But Momma isnt the problem, she is secluded in her own room with the babies.
Romeo is in his own room too cause he just got neutered about 2-3 weeks ago.
I wanted to slowly introduce Romeo to my other cats because I want everyone to be friends by the time the babies are old enough to come out of their room.

So the other day I left Romeos door open. I also decdied that im keeping my original four cats inside from now on, i really miss them when they are gone all day and i do worry about their saftey.

So Romeo was under the couch in the living room, all my cats were fine but Isabelle, she wouldnt come in the room Romeo was in, she would just lay by the door and growl and hiss. Romeo then pooped on my couch so he went back in his room.

Here is were my big problem begins. I went to bed, and Romeo was in his room with the door shut, I dont want him out with the others unsupervised since they dont know eachother. My boyfriend comes home and goes to bed and he leaves Romeo's door open! I wake up in the morning and there is pee, poop, and tufts of hair all over the kitchen, and Isabelle's collar was laying in the middle of it.

Now I have no idea what happened during the night all I know is that my sweet Isabelle was involved. Maybe there was a fight or Isabelle just got scared of Romeo i dont know. But that morning and ever since Isabelle hisses and growls at my other cats, they all were best friends, grooming eachother and sleeping together. Now ever since that night she seems to not like them at all, and her problem is with Romeo, not them!

Im thinking she is just stressed from Romeo and maybe thats why she is taking it out on my other cats, or maybe its cause I closed the dog door and they dont have access outside?

Anyone know what I can do to help Isabelle, and what I can to do introduce Romeo and Isabelle? The other cats seem fine with him.

Also how can i get Romeo not to poop or pee on the couch? Im thinking he did that because instead of letting him come out of his room on his own, my boyfriend carried him out to the living room and put him down, where he hid under the couch. Im thinking if I leave the door open and let him come out on his terms maybe he wont pee or poop on the couch or floor?

Any advice or suggestions would be so helpful. I miss the days when all my cats got along.

Thanks in advance!
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Please click here to read about how to introduce a new cat to your current cats. This is almost a fail-proof system if it is followed carefully.

Regarding the inappropriate pooping and peeing, please click here and click here tooto read about changes you might need to make to stop this problem.
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