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Cardboard munching Cat

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Our CrazyCat is about 1 year old. We rescued her about 7 months ago for sarvation. She was dying and we took her to the vet and brought her back to health.

When we rescued her she weighed 2.5 lbs, she now weighs 9.5 lbs, has been spayed, has all her shots and in perfect health.

2 1/2 months ago we went to the Shelter and got a Black/White ASH Male(Ziggy).He is now 8 months old. He has been neutured.

Ziggy & CrazyCat get along great. They have loved each other from the start. They have no problems together.

The problem is last week CrazyCat started chewing on this one certain box that sets under my husbands desk. It is not a new box. It has been there since we got her. She doesn't swallow the fibers, she spits it out.

Has anyone ever had this problem with their cat?
Is this somthing I should worry about?
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I have cats who for some unknown reason LOVE cardboard. I am not sure if there is a mysterious meaning behind it or it is just something to occupy them. I usually only let them chew a little while and then put the box out of reach. I dont want any peices to get swallowed on accident.
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Thank You Sandie.
Do you think it a bordom thing or a deficiency
of some type?
Do you think it will hurt her?
I am knew at beening a mommy to a cat
So if anyone can help me, Please do.
Thanks, Donna
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It is a curiosity thing and something to occupy them. It is not harmful chemicaly speaking, but if eaten in large amounts it could clog the intestines up and such. I would see about getting something else like the toy mice. Try and keep the boxes out of reach if possible.
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