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really need help!

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so Kitty is in heat and has been since friday. it got really hot in my house so my mom opened a screenless window and then my friend and i were supposed to go to a party so i told my mom to make SURE that the window is closed Kitty couldn't get out. I havent seen Kitty since before 7pm last night.i got home around 10 and me and my friends had a bonfire and we came in at like 11 or 1130 and i noticed the window still open ( ) and i looked around the house for kitty and then me and my friend went outside and looked for her and couldent find her.

We have had Kitty for a year now and she has NEVER left the yard when she gets out and we are really worried cuz when she does get out at night she always comes home in the morning for food. i put the kittens in my room last night and tried to stimulate them to go potty once last night and once this morning, but nothing came out. as soon as petco opens my mom is ganna go get some KMR so they can eat.

my questions to you are:
1. What is the right way to stimulate them to go to the bathroom? (maybe i'm doin it wrong)

2. if Kitty comes back pregnant how will i know since her nipples are already big? dont they go out of heat if they are?

3. is there anything else i should be doing for the kittens?

please send good vibes so that Kitty comes home! i'm really worried about my baby!
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Take a warm cottonball and rub there area... Yes get KMR.. I bet 100% she is pregnant when she returns...
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... that's what i'm afraid of....
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She'll be pregnant for sure. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about this.

Please let us know when she comes back.
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What is up with these hussies running away. I wish it was possible to spay them while they are still nursing, it would solve alot of problems
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You may be able to spay her in early pregnancy, depending on your vet. If she is already nursing kittens and is pregnant, it is very risky to her health to allow the second pregnancy to go on, as she wont have as many reserves. This is what cats in heat do sadly, it is up to us to make sure they dont. And the reason they can't be spayed while the kittens are still young is the length of time the mum will be away from them, and mum will be sore when she comes back and may not want to nurse at first.
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so its bad to spay them while nursing... yet it is bad to have them pregnant and nursing too. (if she comes back) i want to do what is best for her. i REALLY dont like the idea of spaying MY animals while pregnant but if it is ABSOLUTLY nessecary then i will but i dont know what would be worse, spaying while nursing or being pregnant while nursing... anyone know?
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Your kittens are how old? I wonder if you could start to ween them and have her spayed. I would think being pregnant so soon and while nursing would be very hard on her.
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they are 4 weeks and 2 days. i'm trying to get them on wet food but they aen't really interested. when should they start with dry food?
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i just realized i'm out of wet car food... can the kittens eat a little tuna?
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I wouldn't give them tuna, it gave my kitty bad runs If you moisten the dry food with a little water that might work. My kittens weren't interested for 3 days and on the 4th day they started eating. I would call a vet and see what they recommend about spaying her. The call is always free I think you safely have a couple of weeks to ween them and you can still spay her. Poor thing, give her extra food and maybe some KMR.
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ok. thank you guys so much
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just a Kitty update: she's still gone so please keep prayers, thoughts, and vibes comin so she'll come home. thanks guys! come home Kitty!!!
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Oh I am so sorry kitty is gone! Wow all these cats running away from home lately! GL feeding the babies and weaning them.

from what I found on the pregnancy calculator the fertilized eggs don't even make it all the way down the tubes for about a week so if she comes home and you spay her right away (even if you have to feed the babies) then nothing has really even begun to form so maybe that would make the decision easier for you. But I do think it best to have her spayed NOW since they would be so close together and really risks her health (and I am one that could not spay my cat but if that happened I know i would have no choice for my cats health.) (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))
post #15 of 23 make sure the kittens are in a warm and safe place. Pick up some bottles as well, they may not understand yet how to eat like an adult cat, that is about a week away will give you tips on how to find your cat, though with her being in heat, she will be pursued by tomcats until they can mate with her.
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me and my mom went driving around but we still couldn't find her. i'm starting to get really worried.... i might have to make posters here in a minute...
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Yes, make posters, and put them EVERYWHERE! And, you may not spot her until this evening. I can almost promise you she hasn't wandered far. There's obviously a male somewhere nearby, and she went to hanky-panky with him. She probably won't be wandering out in the open, if she's not used to being outside...check under stairs, decks, porches, she may be hiding there. Do not call her will be best to be as quiet as you can in your search.

Good luck in finding your little girl! She's in my prayers!
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thank you.
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*sigh* my poor baby is still gone...
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Wait until it is dark...and you may have the best luck searching LATE into the at 2 or 3 a.m.

Don't call her name. Bring a flashlight, and some stinky treats that she loves. Check UNDERNEATH things. Creep around the neighborhood quietly, and yes, trespass onto other's property...check under their stairs, in their gardens, under their decks, near fences, etc. Be quiet as a mouse...she's most likely to start to troll around after dark, or late tonight, when the "coast looks clear."
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If she has a favorite toy that makes a noise, take it with you. One of our kitty boys escaped the house, and we coaxed him back by rattling his favorite mouse and he came up to play.
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thanks for the advise guys. i really appreciate it.
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so i've been syringe feeding the kittens every few hours and stimulating them to go but they have only peed once each and no poop. shouldent they have pooped by now? they are eating pleanty. should i be worried?
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