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New Update on Isis

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Well as of my last post very early this morning, Isis had another kitten born at 1:50 am Tennessee time. I was afraid the poor thing wouldn't make it!
Good News! It is alive and doing well!!! Isis is doing well too.
Isis brought it on the bed by me about 3:00 this morning and it was moving around and crying!

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Way to go Isis.... I am glad she is doing ok...
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that's great news. i'm so glad Isis has a kitty to care for after all.
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Woohoo!!!!!! Way to go!
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Congratulations on your new family member!
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That's so sweet that she brought the kitten to you on your bed. It's like she was trying to say, "Look what I have!!! No more worries!" What a proud meowmy!

Beautiful baby, BTW! Keep us posted!
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okay, quick update, I had to go to mom's this morning to leave her be and get her to bond with the baby, then I had to go to work. Apparently Isis doesn't like to be alone in the bedroom too much and will usually only stay there if myself or my husband is in there. We have to sit right by her for her to be still long enough to feed the baby. She is no longer swollen in the back so I don't think there is anymore babies. But the little one still seems to be doing good..
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Congrats on your new baby! Can't wait to see him a LITTLE older, and as an adult! lol! He's really cute, same with the parents!
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I love his little skunky stripe on his witty bitty head!!!

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I am glad Isis is being a good mom and baby is still doing ok..
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Well done Isis!!!! HE/She lloks like a little fighter!!
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