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Daily Thread May 21/06

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Good morning everyone!!

How is your weekend going?

Yesterday my best friend (and maid of honor) made it out to visit our new place. We went over a bunch of details for my bridal shower, and did some serious power shopping at IKEA. We got alot of our centrepeice decorations for our reception getting closer and closer to having stuff done!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday
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today its gone so slow.
Woke up this morning from the kits Mad half hour, and i am getting worried incase kaylee is hurting her self as i dont want her wound to open up.
Made breakfast, i figured because its sunday i might make a big one
So i made Toast with a scrambelled egg and the other with baked beans.
THe bake beans has inspired me since reading the thread in IMO.
Then i watched tv and fell asleep and its only 2 pm now... and im soo soo soo bored
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Godo morning you guys. Fran, I have to laugh when I hear that people overseas eat baked beans for breakfast.........that's just not generally done over here.... We eat those with hotdogs etc, usually for dinner.

I am actually getting ready for Jerry and I to go out for breakfast, then at noon we pick up our 3 year old nephew to spend the day with him, at least till about 6. That's about all I can take....... My poor kits will be terrorized and hide while he's here.

Went to bed last night to clear skies and now it's rainy and cold out......no fair!!!
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Susie, My mother also serves them with hamburger and eggs for dinner too
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Only 7am here I am exhausted. Skittles hasnt had the kits and she is driving me nutz I hope the rest of the day goes well
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Only 7am here I am exhausted. Skittles hasnt had the kits and she is driving me nutz I hope the rest of the day goes well
No kitties yet? Jeez!

Last night John & I spent the night just hanging out and watching TV... nothing too exciting, but today is BEAUTIFUL outside, so I'm sure we'll be spending time outside and possibly a Harley ride
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Got up early and mowed the lawn did it early to beat the black flies. Did some mulching and weeding in the gardens also. Then I hopped in the shower and am now having my computer time. I'm going to a Willie Nelson Concert here tonight. I have 3rd row seats right up by the stage.Going out to eat first then to the concert it showed be fun. The suns out and a nice day here in maine.
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I slept in until 8:30 this morning - haven't done that in a long long time. It's a beautiful sunny day and I'm going to do some gardening here - got lots of plants from my old house that we are transplanting to the new house. The dogs will be glad to get outside and help me.
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Met a new fella for breakfast, this morning. Nice, but I think this one is just going to stay a friend.

All I have to do today is change litter boxes. Yesterday, I stocked up, at the library and think I'll just kick back, the rest of the day.
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Honey and I went and bought a bed today! Not the one I wanted but they discontinued that one so we found one similar to it and we are paying SO much less for it!(the one I wanted was about $2000.00) It was originally going to be $1059.96 (without tax) for the mattress, box springs, frame and shipping. Well I got them to only charge us the cost of the bed for everything! So we are paying $929.96 for shipping, the frame and the bed! not to shabby of a deal since it saved us $130.00.
Then of course, we had to get new sheets and things for it, so we went and bought a bed in a bag set for $60.00 (king size!) I've had a productive day!
Honey is sleeping right now! I've exhausted him with all my power shopping!
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it's 6:37pm right now and i'm bored out of my mind..GRRRR.. oh and if you have any diet pepsi codes. pm me please. hehehehe
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First of all I slept in until 11:00 which was so nice, I love to sleep late! Then I had to get the load of dishes done since I take off Fri. and Sat. of doing them because I'm usually too busy or too lazy to do them on those days. Then after the dishes, I did the dreaded vacuuming and laundry. I can get a lot done in a short amount of time when I want to! Will and I then went to Wegmans and had some pizza and did a little grocery shopping. When we came home I did a little reading and now I'm enjoying my time on the computer. It was a very nice weekend here, very cool with some clouds and some sun.
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