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Our gandre is gone.

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We have a large pond in our back yard. For three years a mated pair of geese have raised their babies here in our yard. Thursday night, we had a bad thunder and lightening storm. On Friday afternoon when hubby went out to spread corn, he found the gander in the edge of the pond dead. There was no sign of injury or shooting. We wonder if the lightening got him as we heard a near strike and turned off computers, etc. since it was so close. There are no trees around the pond and no sign of a lightening strike. The mama goose now has to try and raise those three babies alone. Geese mate for life most of the time, although sometimes they might take another mate.
Rest in peace, big gander. Watch now and help protect your babies. We need prayers for this lonely mama and her little ones to keep away foxes and coyotes.
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R.I.P. Gandre....
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oh sweet darlin
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Thats soo sad I did'nt know they mated for life. Poor mama goose, I am praying for her and the goslings. {{{}}}

RIP daddy goose
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Thanks for the prayers and good vibed for Mama Goose and babies. So far, they are doing well. She is very alert. It is almost time for her to loose her wing feathers and get new ones. During that time, she can't fly, not that she would anyway. It gets very hot at our pond because there are no trees. Soybeans are planted around us. In times past she would take the babies through the bean fields and woods to the neighbors pond in the woods where her nest is. That might be more dangerous for her to do alone.
Keep up the good vibes for her.
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I am sorry for the loss of your gander. I hope the Momma goose can keep her babies safe!
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Just giving an update on the babies. The mama has managed to protect and save two of them so far. We don't know what got the missing one. Please continue the good vibes for these babies.
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