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Free Aby kitten-Please help!

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I am the owner of a 5 month old female abyssinian. I absolutely love this kitten and she is very attatched to me, however, she seems to have problems using the litterbox and my husband has had it. We have her outside the entire day and she still comes in and every once in a while has an accident on the floor. I do not want to bring her to a shelter or rescue group. I would love to find a home for her with someone that maybe knows more about cats then we do and maybe even someone who has other abys. I dont know where else to turn as we have tried everything else and this still continues. We have had her checked by the vet numerous times for medical problems and he says she is perfectly healthy. We have tried changing the litter, letting her outside, keeping her locked in one room, etc. Yet the only thing this seems to do is upset her terribly-she is very social and wants to be with us constantly. We have another cat who she loves but this cat never had any issue with litterbox training. I guess the point of this long email is to ask if there is any answer to this problem or if anyone is interested in a beautiful pet quality aby with papers from a pet store (my husband bought her for me as a gift). Please let me know if you have any suggestions-I will give her away free to a good home. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met and it breaks my heart to have to do this. Please email me at Jenny39732@aol.com.

Thank You for any help you can offer.
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It would be a shame to give up on her just because she is confused about where to potty. If she is outside most of the day you might try buying a bigger litter box and a bag of potting soil and putting the soil into the box for her. Once she gets the hang of it, start to add a little bit of litter at a time to it until gradually there is no more dirt and just plain litter. Also, clumping litter is sometimes hard for outside kitties to get used to, it tends to clump up underneath their pads and cause them concern.
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I've also heard that closing your kitty in one room with food, water, and a litter box helps. Having run of the house plus the outside is probably confusing her, so perhaps several days in one room will help.

Oops, just read that you tried that already.
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When I first got Kiki she did not want to use her litter box either. I got quite frustrated but I kept on trying. Finally she started using it. I got some of her fresh poo and put it in her litter box and I put her in it. She started covering it up and she has been using since then. You may want to try this, it worked for me. Goodluck.
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I had problems with my Balie - he used to go constantly by the front door (this is where the breeder kept her litter box when I picked him up). He also ruined 3 rugs in various places around the house.

He's terribly nervous, and we tried everything to get him to wee and poo in the right place.

Does your kitty do it only in one place or all over the house?

How I managed to break Balie's habit was to buy another litter tray(I was actually prepared to buy more than one if needed) and positioned this tray where he normally went.

Eventually, bit by bit, we moved the tray downstairs and into the kitchen to stand next to the existing tray. It took a couple of months, but it's really worked!

BTW - my other kitty has never had a problem and always goes where she's supposed to.

Good luck, and keep persevering I'm sure you'll find a way around the problem.
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