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ok, now what?

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I am a bit worried that my baby is sick! In my last post I was saying that she was getting fat, but since then she seems to have stopped eating! She just sleeps and sleeps and hardly wants to play. She also is purring REALLY loudly and if I press on her tummy even the slightest bit she purrs even louder and sometime meows, almost like a yelp. Could these possibly be symptoms that she's in heat? I am going to try to get her spayed in the very near future, but should I be worried that there's something wrong with her? I know she's not pregnant and she's just over a year old. Thanks for any help!
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Take her to the vet.

No one here can answer you better than your vet can.
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Forgive my asking but how do you know she' s not pregnant? If she is a year old and has not been noticeably in heat, then if she has had any access to the outside, or to a male cat, it is likely that she did go into heat a month or two ago, and is now expecting. Also, cats purr to comfort themselves when they are feeling low or in pain, as well as when they are happy, so she could be sick. I agree that a vet visit is in order.
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No, she is strinctly an indoor cat and has only gone out under high supervision (we live in an apartment complex near a busy street). The only contact she's had with a male cat was well over 4 months ago.
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yup. i'd take her to the vet ASAP
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To the VET now - PLEASE!!!!!
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Were you able to have a Vet check her out??? Is she ok?
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