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Got a question

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Ok i was reading the other posts on peeing.
Heres the thing, my older cat, 18 years pees on everything that is my roommates.
If he lays on the couch downstairs she will pee on it. And its only where he has been. If he puts his clothes on the chair she will pee on it. Hes lived with us for 6 years. thats when i moved in.
How can i get her to stop.

anyway, if my roommate leaves his bedroom door open, shes there on his bed. And he doesnt have sheets on his bed. The first day he got the bed she went on it.
Anyone please help. Ive gone through couches like crazy. I have a new one she sleeps on all the time that my roommate hasnt touched.

Im wondering, is it possible for her to remember an ex of mine that was very abusive to both of us, and that maybe my roommate reminds her of him. He doesnt hurt her, he knows he would be out of a home. He actually thinks shes an awsome cat and pets her all the time, plays with her when shes up to it.
I got her when she was 9 and she had been to 8 different homes.
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From what I understand, when a cat pees on a person's belongings it is usually due to anxiety or insecurity. Given your cat's history, I wouldn't be surprised if she were anxious or insecure. But, given her age, I am also concerned that she may be in early kidney failure. Inappropriate urination will happen with kidney disease. While kidney failure can't be cured, changes in diet and medical treatment can greatly prolong life and make life much more comfortable for the cat. So, please take your old girl to the vet to be checked for either a urinary tract infection or for signs of kidney failure.
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She has neither of those.
She only pees on his stuff. No where else. I have purposely left blankets and stuff on the couch or floor. And when my roommate comes home from work around midnight he will put his coat on the couch or chair and she will hop right up and pee on it.
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