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Crazy eyes cat

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we got Demon from a vet's office this morning. they told me that his third eye lids don't close all they way and that is why he has crazy eyes. and that there are no pigmants and most cats have pigments in their third eye lids. the vet tech told me they won't bother him but I am worried about him getting something on them and it bothering him... like how dogs get cherry eye.... ok well look closely at the pics of demon and you will see his eyes...

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Wow very interesting! I imagine you might want to look into some kind of an eye oitment to keep his eyes lubed fairly well... but I doubt he will have further problems.
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My kitten "Twinkie" also does this, but not as bad as Demon. We were getting curious about it, and found your message on here.

Did the vet give you any more information about this condition? Is there a specific name for it? Thanks!
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nothing so far.....I am going to call around tomorrow and see when I can get him fix and ask some other questions.
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My Scooter has that same thing. It is not quite as bad as your little one's, but it has never been a problem for him. His is white like that, I don't think that part has usually much pigment.
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