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Shedding like crazy...brush ideas?

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Hey guys...

Our little Sunny girl is now shedding like crazy...enough that one swipe down her body fills my hand with fur. Now, the funny thing is, she's a short-haired cat, and she sheds more than any other cat I've had. She's shedding so much fur that I have to sweep just about everyday because there are little fur fluffs about the house. The most problematic thing is that our boy, Hobbes, loves to eat hair (he's not allowed in the bathroom because he eats the hair on the tub drain), so he's been eating these fur fluffs, and is now having daily (or twice daily) hairballs. I'm concerned that it's not good for him to be having them so often. Soooo....

We've switched our kitties to a hairball and weight management food (because she's also a bit overweight), but I also need to get a brush that will catch a lot of the fur that's coming off. It's obvious she's shedding her winter coat (and not losing big sections of fur, or anything), but it's so much, and we now need to do something that will get out most of her winter coat, to alleviate just how much she's shedding per day.

Does anyone know of a good brush that will get out large amounts of shedding fur, or maybe something I can DO that will handle a large portion of her shedding fur?

We currently have a wire bristle brush with a rubber base that catches A LOT of fur each time we brush her, but even in brushing her for a long time twice (or more) daily, and getting A LOT of fur out, she's still shedding like crazy!

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The zoom groom is pretty good. Sounds like she will fill it up pretty quick. It's a rubber brush sold at most pet stores that is shaped like a kitty and has like knobby rubber bristles. You can definitely find it at the major chains in the US. It's usually a purple color.
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ZOOM GROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the best rush I have ever tried. Rudy is always shedding and it gets so much hair oof him, it is amazing. It not only gets the top layer of fur, it gets the bottom ones too, usually where a lot of the hair gets trapped. I would completely recomed the zoom groom. I was the best $7 I spent!!
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Ok, deal! We'll pick one up today!
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ZOOM GROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yup - the zoom groom will pick up loads of hair! Sometimes after a session with my longhair cat I used to think I had enough to knit a jumper with!
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Okay we picked up the Zoom Groom for our kitties today...and WOW!!! I can't believe the amount of hair that came off our Sunny!! When we rolled it into a ball, it was literally a hand FULL of hair!! Technically the one we bought was for dogs (because they didn't have a cat one), but it's the same exact thing, just doggy-shaped instead of kitty-shaped.

It worked WONDERFULLY!! I feel like we took a cat's worth of hair off our poor fuzzy baby!! When we stopped, it was still coming off in enormous amounts, but Sunny was getting upset, so we thought we'd resume brushing later on.

The Zoom Groom is WONDERFUL!! Thanks, guys!!

Here's a picture of what we bought...and below it a picture of the cat zoom groom.

I didn't see a difference, so we just bought it.
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Woohooo!! I knew you would love it
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A comb for shedding that our girls love and works great is the round metal curry comb (the small size for cats). The cats tell us when to quit. It works just as well around the neck, and is easy to manage.

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I never thought the zoom groom works well. I like flea combs for getting out the thick undercoat in the spring time. It works excellently for that.
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I like to use the zoom groom and then follow up with a flea comb. I read about the zoom groom on this forum a couple of months ago and I don't know how I lived without one.
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I have to agree that the Zoom Groom is great! Prego tolerates it, but Polly loves it.
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I second the Zoom Groom followed by a comb. You'll be amazed at how much the comb will pick up after you've brushed.

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