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Anyone here have them? I have a friend (well actually my BF's friend) who raises them, and I always thought it sounded a little gross. But I saw them the other day, and so cute! And not at all slimy like I expected. So now I'm thinking of getting one, but am curious as to how much money it will cost to start (tank, light, etc.) and how much it will be in the long run (food). Anyone have any info?
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Depends on species.
I had a Tokay gecko, they are very large and nocturnal and make angry barks that sound like someone is squishing a duck.

Tokays are more opportunistic in their hunting than diurnal geckos, so they are more sedantary and don't require as much room.

10 gallon tank designed for reptiles, a drip watering system, daylamp and night lamp for basking,full spectrum flourescent light, very small under tank heater, orchid bark and live plants all ran me about $75.
Tank, heater, flourescent, and orchid bark were a 'tropical lizard complete combo setup' the basking lamps and plants were seperate purchases as was the gecko.
You will not need a night basking lamp unless you get a nocturnal species.
And if you get a desert species you will not need the bark or the plants.

As far as cost in the long run, that really cannot be calculated until you know the species, food requirements and frequency of feeding.

Overall though, unless a reptile is an herbivore, they are extremely cheap to feed.
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Thank you! I believe the ones he had were leapord geckos? Something like that anyways. I am planning on getting together with him sometime to ask lots of questions before making a decision! I also know he has a specific pet store he goes to here, and I'm sure I could go there to get more info as well. Thanks again!
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One of THE best Leopard Gecko sites on the web.
Dr. Gecko
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Great! Now I have a way to spend the rest of my night... Ha! Thank you, I'm sure this will be a great help...I'll let you know whenever I decide if I'm gonna get one!
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my hubby has a tokay gecko. They are cool to watch eat. he had a female but I think she was sick when we bought her from the pet store cause she didn't live very long after we brought her home. But his male is huge.
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Only geckos we ever had were the ones that came inside in Australia, those suckers are hard to catch!
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I used to have a lepard gecko. She was so beautiful. The tank and lights are probably about 100. The worst part was getting crickets all the time. Also if they get sick there is not much you can do because a lot of vets dont deal with lizards.
they are nice to watch. My cat used to lay on top of one of our tanks and the screen broke and the other gecko got out and he was scrratched by the cat and died 3 days later ... so be carefull
good luck!
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