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My new kittens

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These are my Babies!
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nobody cares
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Of course we care!!! I saw the pics of your babies in the new cats on the block forum and I said hello

Your babies are precious!!
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I'm sorry! I, too, posted on the other thread where you were pondering getting Angel's brother. But, I'll post again here since this is their official site. Demon and Angel are ADORABLE!!! Please post more photos when they arrive.
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Oh are they cute!!! It's obvious how much you love them already.
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I posted to the other thread too...I think they are a magical pair!
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my boyfriend and I actually moved just so we coud have kitties. we were just going to get one but he wanted one and I wanted one...we got angel on tusesday and talked about getting her a compainon we had origanl wanted 2 cats but angel was the only girl in her litter. demon was the only one left from her litter (although I don't believe the vet was telling the truth he is alot bigger then her) we actually just went to see demon this morning but couldn't leave him in that little cage. I am still alittle worried he is picking on her... they were wrestling ealier and he was bitting and holding on to her as she tried to get away. but now they are sleeping together in my chair next to me. (so much for his and mine hehe) I was kidding about nobody caring just so you'll know!
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I added another picture of Demon's Crazy eyes! hehe I think they are so cool!
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Oh we care, esp when it comes to kitten pics I am so much more likely to open a thread with kittens in it!! Very cute. You posted in another thread that demon's eyes are just malformed, right? Just making sure b/c it can be a sign kitty isn't feeling well if that isn't the case.
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They are adorable! Welcome to TCS!
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Such cute fur babies... I amso saw the other thread...
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I read about your problem with skittles myself earlier. hope she has babies soon!
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Awww what cute kittens you have. Its nice that have two so they can grow up together.
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Have you had Demon checked out by a vet? Isn't the third eyelid showing, on one or both eyes, a symptom of a few diseases? I'm just really curious, I don't mean to harass you. They are both very cute.
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They are just soooooo cute!!!!
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they are sooooo adorable Angel is beautiful

I too, second the vet visit. I don't mean to alarm you, but the third eyelid showing all the time could be a sign of something serious. I hope its not! He is too cute
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as I said before the vet's office I got them from said that it was a birth defect. BUT they do both have a vet visit set for friday. with a different vets office... (they are alot nicer at this vet) My sister takes her husky there so I have met them. and they will both be throughly checked. Thanks for the consiern! Everyone telling me to take them made me want to more.
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Awwww, they're both adorable!
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What cute names for such cute kitties
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