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Help Mitzee died and her baby keeps looking for her

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I dont know if this is normal cat behavior. Mitzee died last night...and her baby hasnt stopped searching the house. He never meows and he has been doing it constantly. I dont know what to do for him. He's 9 months old. Any help would be appreciated. I dont know if he is picking up on our sadness or if he is feeling his own grief?
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He is grieving.

Cuddle him and explain to him what happened.
It sounds stupid, but it does help. He may not understand the words, but he will understand the intent behind them, and will understand that you are grieving too.
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I am soo sorry! I agree with the last poster, just give him all the extra attention he needs. Also, if they were very close, you could do like people say to do for a baby kitten, and give him something warm to cuddle with at night (or let him sleep with you if he doesn't already). Again, I'm so sorry for your loss!
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That's exactly what i did with my foster momma when one of her kittens died. She cried all night, so the next day i sat down and explained to her that I tried everything to save him, but that he was in a better place and out of pain. She is a feral cat, but she gave me blinkies and settled down. It was amazing to see.

Give him tons of extra love and support, and allow him to mourn his momma. I am so sorry for your loss.
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Mary Ann (Hissy) really advocates setting the kitty down and talking. She says it really does help. When Smudge died, Elsa (his mom) knew. She washed him up really good before we took him to the vet. Then she slept a lot where he slept, but she never looked for him. I'm SOOO sorry that Mitzee died. Hugs for you too.
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He is grieving.. When Dazy passed Skittles wouldn't even let us take her away... She growled at us so we left her a min she kissed Dazy and let us take her to be in heaven. She did not eat for a few days and she circled the bed they shared... I am sure it is grieving and everyone even pets grieve differently...
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He knows something is wrong/missing and its his way of grieving. Give him extra cuddles and talk about it with him. Like someone said - he won't know the words, but he will understand.

In time, adopt a new friend to keep him company.
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Should I get him a friend while he is grieving? I am always home, or my husband is home...but..he seemed to love spending time with his mom. I still am in shock over Mitzee. I want to thank everyone who sent pm's and posted on here. This is such a warm fuzzy site I am so glad I found it before something like this happened. Thank you all again.
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I'm so sorry about Mitzee!

Every cat goes thru grief in their own way, very similar to humans. Some can be distracted by additional cat family members, others seek comfort from their humans, others will isolate themselves from others - the variations are endless. I've seen cats that show no outward signs of grief and others that are not normal for a few years. Stumpy, my dog lover, grieved when our dog died and did not come out of it until a year later when we got another dog. Pinky grieved over the loss of his brother for close to 2 years and suddenly just came out of it one day.

To help mine thru the process, I do sit down and talk to them about what happened, acknowledge their grief and tell them I'll try to help them thru it. I tend to over indulge them on the things that I know make them happy, whether that be more play, more snuggles, more friends, etc. It takes the edge off their grief and eventually they adjust.
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I am so sorry to hear that you have lost one of your cats. Your other cat will mourn for a few days so make sure that you give him a lot of attention eventually he will learn to cope.
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