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Poor Tuffy... I hope he gets better.
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I am not totaly convinced the vet is on the right track with this either. She has been so good with him since I first got him home and she is always the one who sees him when he goes in so she knows Tuffy as well as I do.

He has had blood work and x rays in the past since I have had him but we were looking at a different problem so I don't know if they would have seen anything not right back then or not. He had worms or some kind of parasites back then and his blood work showed he was enemic [sp?] so he was treated for the worms and I had to give him vitamins to help build up his blood, and after a while they tested his blood again and he was concidered normal. That was about 3 or 4 months ago though.

She didn't ask me to but if he bleeds again I will try and save some of it so I can show the vet, I don't know if she can tell anything from it though. Like I said above I want to catch him in the litter box and just watch and see if he has problems. Can cats have a condition like hemeroids [sp?] in people that can make them bleed? If he did I would think she would be able to tell if that is the case. He seems fine other wise but I am affraid I am going to find him in a big pool of blood half dead some day.

I have had cats most of my life since I moved out from home and I never had one before that bled from his rear end, but then I never took care of a cat that was so sick when I got him home.

I have learned so much from helping Tuffy and this web sight about Kitty Cats that I must have just been vey lucky with most of the other cats I have had that they never had any bad problems, except for Peanut that is, but that is another long sad story I told on here before.

He is so used to going to the vet all I need to do is get out the carrier and say "want to go for a ride" to Tuffy and he perks up and most times goes into the carrier himself and sits there nice and calm on the ride and he just wants to explore when he gets to the vets office. It could be full of big dogs there and he don't even care, so if he is stressed out he hides it real well.

I am close to all our pets, but I never felt so close to one as I do with Tuffy, maybe its because I saved his life and never gave up on helping him and he never gave up on wanting to live, and how close he is to me and how he trusts me. He is on my lap as I right this about him telling me I have been on here long enough and to pet him.

Sorry to get so long again.
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Sucralfate is also known as carafate, it is used to coat the lining of the throat and stomach. With crf kitties it is given as they can develop ulcers in their mouth/throat and this helps protect.

If you do a search on carafate at the www.felinecrf.org site, it will bring up some information for you as to what it does.

I hope you get an answer, I know that not knowing is the worst.
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SO the vet thinks he might have a ulcer... Hmmmm
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I hope that everything can be taken care of and it's not incredibly dangerous. Even when you doubt your vet, it is best to thoroughly consider what is being said, but, also remember you know your cat. Good luck with Tuffy!
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I don't remember her saying ulcer, so when I looked up the med I found out it is a ulcer med I was a little confused. They say he was on it before but I don't remember having to give it to him.

Could it be they gave him a shot of the stuff at the office? Maybe they meant to have me give him the stuff before but they forgot to give me the med? But they are real good to make sure I get the stuff that he needs and how to give it to him. I am to crush up part of a pill and mix it with water for him, If I had to do all this before I would have remembered. I can't get pills into him, so maybe that is why she said to crush it and mix water to it in a small seringe.

The vet tech can get pills in him no problem with a pill gun or whatever they call those things but I can't even with the same tool. I am to affraid I am going to hurt him by sticking it in his throat to far and I am to slow on getting the pill in there before he can move and spit it out. The vet said that the tech is real good with that pill tool, she said sometimes she has to have the tech pill the tough ones because she can't do it either.
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Tom W, I am so glad you got some news for us and they are not too bad! I would consider a blood test and x-rays anyways- just to be on a safe side. My vet keeps telling me that my kitty's gums look a little bit pale, and that COULD be just the way they are, but i also could be cause his immune system is killing his blood cells- so just to be on a safe side- we do blood tests. So far everything is good, but test gives me peace in mind!
I guess just watch him and see if he'll improove!
And I got to tell you- I am the same way with pills- I feel so bad that I'll hurt him, I can not get that pill inside of him. Some folks here gave me GREAT TIPS, on how to pill him- and it really works. The thing worked for me- is I gave my kittly his favorite tuna, just a little bite, to get him excited.... then, few minutes later- again, and I put it on a table, so he could see it and smell it... then I wrapped him in a towel and got pill pooper, I covered the whole pill in butter and sticked it in a piller ( it is a pain, but do-able! ) As soon as I got pill inside of him and before he spit it out, I put a little piece of tuna in his mouth- and he ate it... and I hugged him and gave him kisses... and- vuala!!!!
Sending vibes your way and hope Tuffy will feel so much better soon!
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I am starting to wonder if it could be a urinary tract infection, or stones.

I had a cat a few years ago, and just one day out of the blue, I walked past him on his litter box, no biggie, did something, came back, he was still there.... waited because he should have been out my then, and the poor fellow strained and strained just to get a few tiny drops of blood out. As soon as he finnished I picked him up and took him to the vet. The vet wasn't sure if it was a kindney stone, infection, or something else, I forget the name, started with a 'c.' Vet gave me some meds to give him, and it almost immeadiatly stopped. No problems after that.

Keep us updated, I hope your sweetie gets well soon!
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How is Tuffy tonight Tom
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He is doing fine tonight, even when he is bleeding he doesn't seem to even notice right away. Then when he stops bleeding he grooms himself clean and any blood he left on the bed or floor or where ever he will go back and lick the spots till it is clean. So he may be bleeding more than I know about if I don't happen to see him when he is bleeding he gets rid of the evidence so well I would never know it.

I wish I could catch him in the litter box to really see whats going on. The other day he was in it but he was peeing and he didn't have any problems doing that. I have looked close at his rear when he was bleeding and it was for sure coming from his little butt. I should have asked if a blood test to see if he is anemic [sp] again like before would be a good idea.

I just have to watch him close I guess to see what happens. I may be wrong but I still don't think passing a hair ball or a hard poop would make him bleed that much.
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not too familiar with your thread either, but thought id give my input..the medicine you got is for ulcers??
See if you notice a difference. I work in the health field, plus have stomach ulcers myself..and they can cause some serious bleeding from the bowels..

The red blood would tell you the ulcer is currently bleeding..if it darkens up that just means its old blood...

let us know if it makes stuff better, i wish him the best
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Unclotted red blood dripping from the rectum suggests a problem in the rectum, anus or colon and is called lower GI bleeding. Have his anal glands been checked? It could also be colitis (colonic inflamation) and that can be caused by food allergies - they easy way to test that is to switch him to a food that has one source of protein and one source of carbs. Your vet is right - stay away from the cheap stuff and give Natural Balance Venecin (sp?) and green pee a shot - it just might do the trick - it did for my Loki.

Good luck with your baby boy
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If his poops are too hard and he's bleeding from that, try adding a bit of plain canned pumpkin to his diet. Pumpkin is a natural laxative and stool softener and it will help him not only pass his stools, but soften them so that he doesn't get torn up when pooping. I'd give it at least a week on the pumpkin (if your cat likes it) to really notice a difference.

My Callie used to scoot her rear after pooping and everything checked out fine with her at the vet's (blood, anal glands, examination). I started giving her just a bit of pumpkin twice a day with her wet food and the scooting has stopped!!

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How is Tuffy today? I truly hope he will get better soon!
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He is doing fine. His butt must be a little sore from all the poking and proding yesturday though. He acts fine, like nothing is wrong.
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Good! I am keeping my fingers crossed for him!
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YAY! This has gotta be a good sign!!!
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Tuffy is doing ok but it is a pain to break the pills in half and grind them up then get the stuff into a little syringe then get 3cc of water mixed in then I have to give him only half of the mix at a time. [1 1/2cc 2 times a day.] It must not taste to bad because he don't fight to hard when I give it to him.
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Great to hear!!!

Next time as the Vet to give you the liquid form. Any pill can be made into a liquid in various flavors such as tuna, beef or chicken.
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I got a small bag of Iams hairball food to try and they all eat it except for Tuffy who is the one I got it for. I will have to mix it in with the Nutro I guess to get him to eat it. He is so set in his ways its hard to get him to try anything new. I even saw Missy eating it who is real fussy about what she eats.
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Tuffy has started eating the hairball food. I took Tuffy camping with us for 3 days this last weekend. I could finally get to have him alone with his own litter box. He was not constipated [sp?] but not diarea either and he didn't bleed at all or seem to have any problems straining while going.

So I don't know why he bleeds sometimes. I have not seen him bleed again since I started this tread. I still wonder what is going on with him though. I really hope the vet is not over looking something bad going on with him. She has been so good with him till now I don't really want to start questioning if she is doing enough for Tuffy with this bleeding stuff.

Maybe it is from eating the cheap soft food for Missy, The bleeding seems to have started after he was eating Missy's food. Missy seams to like the iams hairball food so I have not gave them the soft food for a while now. I hope it is something as simple as that.

I shouldn't worry about it till it happens, but Tuffy is so close to me and I am with him that I don't know how I will be able to handle it when the time comes for him to go to kitty heaven.
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I've just been reading this thread form the beginning....

You know, I think it's from the cheaper food. It's a shame little Missy won't eat the better stuff! There is a Science Diet - Sensitive Stomach Formula that might agree with him and be more soothing to his insides...

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Well I came in tonight and picked up Tuffy and was petting him for a while and I then noticed blood on my shirt, So I pick him up again and sure enough he was bleeding again. But this time it was thick and was almost black, and some a real dark red.

So I guess I call the vet again. I am 99% sure it is not from constipation or passing a hair ball. I don't know what else is going on but we need to find out. I just hope the vet is convinced to look into other things that might be causing this to happen.

Poor Tuffy, I feel bad for him and all he has been through. Tuffy is the right name for him I guess.
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Please tell me how it goes... FIngers
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Oh no! Please tell us how the visit goes.

Since the blood is so dark, that means that it is old.
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Tuffy goes in at 4:10 today. I hope we can figure out what is happening to him.
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Well she checked him to see if he is anemic again and he is so he must be bleeding more than we thought. She put him on Albon and also some Pet-Tinic to help him build up his blood again.

She is wondering if he still has some little bug in him that the normal worm pills didn't get rid of. She said the name but it went in one ear and out the other for me.

I had wiped up some of the bloody mess he made late last night on a old white rag so she could get a look at it today. I told her it was much thicker and darker red than the last couple times.

She said to bring him back in about a month to see him again, unless he gets worse of coarse.

So that is the latest on Tuffy.
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Would you please call your vet's office and ask a tech to look up Tuffy's diagnosis ---- the word that you don't remember.
They understand that it is difficult for lay people to remember unfamiliar medical terms,
so don't feel uncomfortable asking.
Then let us know....

Members who have had a cat with the same diagnosis,
might have some useful feedback for you.
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So she gave you pills to build up the blood, but is doing nothing to figure out where the blood is coming from??? If that is the case, I would run, not walk to another vet!
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I am sorry Tom, but this isn't right. If the vet thinks its a lingering parasite, it can be confirmed with further testing (even if it's giardia which can be diffcult to pick up on fecal exam if the cat isn't shedding cysts at the time, and may require serial stool samples). How can you treat the cat if you aren't sure what is wrong? If your vet was sure it is a lingering worm or parasite, then she should say so, but I don't hear you saying there was a definitive diagnosis.

Bottom line, your cat is now anemic, time to be sure what the source of the bleeding is. I'd ask for a referral/consultation with a specialist, tell your vet you want to pursue this now, versus the taking another month.

If they won't consider it, time to find another vet, I'm sorry to say.
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