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So glad to hear that Tuffy is doing better!
They say that our animals know the coming weather so he may have been trying to tell you not to go.
I hope the good news just keeps on coming!
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Another quick update, Tuffy seems to be getting better still. I have not seen any blood for a long time now, and the few times I have seen him in the litter box his poop is getting more normal all the time. I hope I didn't jinx him by posting this.
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Did you have your fingers Everytime I say oh I havent had a cold I get one ( I'd be LQQKING around for wood to knock on ) Glad he's doing better...
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I have to take Tuffy to the vet in a few minutes, there is something bad wrong with him. He has been acting so depressed lately and this morning he has tons of thick clear goo coming from his rear end and he is looking thin again. I knew he wasn't right for a few days now but this is the first I have seen this stuff, he never had this kind of stuff even when he was bleeding allot. I am really worried that he is going to die soon if they can't find out what is going on.
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Oh Tom, I'm so sorry to hear this! I was hoping that Tuffy's problems were over. Please let us jnow how he's going. I will be thinking of you both today. Karen
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Aww Tom I'm so sorry. I hope that he'll be ok and they find out what's wrong with him and can help him quickly. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of you.
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sending out a prayer for Tuffy!
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Keeping Tuffy in my thoughts, will be checking back for updates.
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I am back home again. His normal vet is back from vacation so she checked him over and did some blood work. She read what the animal hospital said when they looked at him and she was not happy because she pretty much knew everything that they said, thats why they wanted him to go there, to find out what the problem is.

Today he is down a little over 1 lb of weight from last time, they gave him fluids because he is dehidrated even though he drinks tons of water at home. His blood anemia number is way up though so that was good news, she said being dihidrated could raise this number a little but it was up from 24 before to 30 today. She wants to do a exploritory with biopsy's but without knowing how long he was sick with the worms and perasites before I got him and not knowing what state his intestines are in she is affraid of doing the surgery and then end up with his intestines not healing up afterwords. we talked about having a ultra sound done but she said that is not able to see everything in there either but it would be safe to do but also expencive. With all the clear thick discharge and the way he is acting she wonders if he has a infection of some kind again so till I make up my mind what to do [which I have no clue anymore] she put him back on albon for 10 days and to keep giving the Pet-Tinic every day to see if he starts to improve again. After they got fluids in him he seems to be acting a little better already. I just don't understand how he can be dehidrated drinking as much water as he does. He will sit at the water dish for minutes at a time drinking water.

I guess I need to call the animal hospital today and tell them whats going on and find out for sure how much a ultra sound will cost and when they can do it, If they say they can't do one right away my vet said to call and let her know that and she will get on the phone to them and tell them it has to be done NOW.

I am really getting tired of all this wait and see how he does stuff. I am at my wits end now with all this plus other stuff in my life right now so I don't know how long I can go without totaly loosing it.

I will post what I find out from the animal hospital today. He is such a good cat, he don't deserve all this crap.
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Tuffy goes for a ultra sound on Wens at noon. The vet said it might not show anything but it is the safest thing to do next for Tuffy.
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Tuffy and you will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Fingers and toes crossed!
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I just read through this whole thread. I really hope the ultrasound shows something. This sounds like it has been a really frustrating experience. Get better soon Tuffy!
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Poor Tuffy!! You guys do not deserve to go through all of this again

I really hope they find something soon. If he's drinking a lot of water and still dehydrated, it sounds as though he has kidney problems...
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He has allot of that thick goo coming out tonight. What could be causing this??? The whole area around his rear end is all wet from this stuff. I can see it in his eyes that he is real sick, but I feel so helpless not knowing what is going on and what to do to help him be more comfortable. I keep cleaning him so he don't lick up any more of that stuff than I can help. And I have a bowl of water in the bedroom for him since he spends most of his time in here now. All the other cats are fine so I don't think he is sick from something in the house or the cat food or whatever.
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It looks like Tuffy is pooping on the kitchen floor now instead of the litter boxes. Is this normal for sick cats to stop using there litter boxes?
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It might be that he has to go to fast and can't get himself to the box. Or if hes constipated then he might be trying more frequently than when he is just in teh box. If hes feeling lethargic at all, it might be to much effort to get to the box. After reading what you described is happening to him it kidn of makes sense that he stops using the box. I mean considering its that area that is affected.
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Aw you poor darlings! I can understand how frustrated and scared you must be--this has been going on for so long now.

The pooping on the floor has got to be just because Tuffy is sick and he's got to be tired and in a bit of a stupor...that's all it is, yes.

I'm sending out a prayer. Tuffy will be diagnosed and treated. Nothing less!!

In the meantime all you can do is play nurse. Reassure and clean up after Tuffy. Healing vibes surround you.
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I guess what scares me the most is he seems to almost have given up fighting this time. When I first found him he was in awfull shape but Tuffy was still in there and even though he could hardly see he would try and play with me or some kind of toy when he had to be in a big dog carrier out in the garage because he would have gotten all the other cats sick.

Now he just sits in my computer chair in our bedroom most of the time with his head down looking at the floor when he isn't sleeping. He can get around ok yet and he still pees in the litter box as far as I know. He would poop in the bathtub when he had his second attack of worms when he had all the blood and goo, I don't know his reason for doing it but I would never had seen what he was going through if he hadn't because of the clumping litter and he is so fussy about covering up his mess in the litter box.

I am going to spend the night with him in the motor home because he can't eat after 10:00 but they said he can have water anytime before the ultra sound so I assume that means they must drug them first. This is the best way to keep food away from him without causing problems with the other cats.

They told me they will have to shave most of his belly but I guess I can live with that to find out whats going on. He just came over by me and he is eating and drinking as we speak, I have water and his food in our bedroom for him so I am glad to see that. I broke down big time this morning when I was giving him his Albon and cried and hugged him for a long time and that seemed to make him feel a little better also, like the bond between us is stronger now than before.

I am praying the ultra sound will give us a clue as to what is going on in there. They said the test will cost around $500 which I think is crazy because my vets office can do the exploritory surgery with biopsy's for less than that. His vet said that if they want to operate on him after the ultra sound to say no and get ahold of her because she can handle doing surgery just as well as they can up there at the hospital and not charge me thousands of dollars. My worst fear is they are going to say he has something that can't be fixed or be controlled, I am trying to be positive about Tuffy getting better but like Yvonne told me today that if he won't be with me much longer that at least he lived a year longer than he would have if I had not brought him home and did all I have done for him.

I can't think like this untill the time comes so Tuffy don't feel I am giving up also. We have been through so much together already and we will beat this problem too.

I also need to thank everyone who has followed along with all this on this forum and have prayed for Tuffy to get better, it means allot to me and Tuffy. Sometimes I think he knows I am talking about him on here because he will get up and climb on my lap as I am typing on the computer.

As soon as I get home tommorow from the hospital I will post what all went on. They had better tell me what they found right away if anything and not give me this crap about sending the info to my vet first. I found out the last time he was there they faxed his papers to the wrong vet clinic in town here. I had called the hospital to find out what all the tests showed and was told they faxed all the stuff to his vet already so I went down there to see it and they told me they never got anything, so they had to call back up there to see what was going on and then they finally got the reports. His vet was not happy either because they were waiting to learn what if anything new was discovered. Its bad enough what these big fancy places charge to go there but I would think they could at least send the stuff to the right place.
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I spent the night with him in the motor home, he was in the litter box all the time trying to go but not much would happen, sometimes he just had gas and sometimes just a little of the clear goo would come out, So maybe like others said he just didn't make it to the boxes in the house in time. He seems less stressed being out there by himself not having to deal with the other cats and the dog bothering him when he don't feel good. I just came in the house for a while to see Yvonne before she goes to work.
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Tuffy, I'm praying for you, sweet boy. Please feel better soon!

Tom, I do so hope this ultrasound will provide the answer that's needed. This has to be so very difficult for you. Not all kitties require sedation for their ultrasound. My sweet Sierra had an ultrasound a couple of years ago, and she gets so upset at the Vet, there was no way she was going to rest on that table and cooperate with strangers. Therefore, she did require a mild sedative to help her relax for the procedure. On the other hand, we have a member whose kitty was as calm as can be for his ultrasound, stretching out on the table with full cooperation.

Sierra wants you to know this entire thing is a piece of cake, and you even get a nifty new hairstyle! Tuffy, you are going to do great!
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I keep checking to see if there was news after the ultrasound - the poor little guy just tuggs on your heart strings..
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I've been reading this forum for a while, but hadn't posted before.
I just wanted to say that poor tuffy's story has really gotten to me. I am thinking of the little guy and hope he gets better soon.
Tom, it's obvious you love tuffy very much. He is a lucky kitty to have found you. Best wishes.
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I am sorry to say the news with Tuffy is not good. He is still at the hospital on IV fluids overnight and bloodwork. The ultra sound showed all kinds of problems. His liver is inlarged, his limpth nodes [sp?] are inlarged, he has a big thick mass in his colon, this is where the dr thinks his blood and now the clear goo is coming from.

She is still not sure what is the cause of all this yet, She is leaning towards FIP or lymphoma or maybe a real bad infection of some kind. She wants to get him stronger with fluids because he was so dehidrated and had a high fever by the time we got there today. She is hoping bloodwork will give her more clues and to see if his blood will clot well enough to do a needle biopsy of his liver and the mass in his colon to try and see what kind of cells are there. She don't want to do the needle deal until she is sure that he won't bleed to death from the needles.

They did not have to drug him for the ultra sound, he is so sick he pretty much just lays where they put him. He is till allert though and watches and listens to all going on around him, and I got to see him before I came home, he is in a "room" of his own that is huge with a nice soft cloth covered pad on the floor and a nice soft bed. This was after he some IV fluids for a little while and he was sitting up and acted like he was feeling much better already. I had enough brain working today to take his bag of cat food along just in case because he is so picky about what he eats, His nurse was real happy I did that, see is going to give him some of his food tonight to see if he still will eat. He was eating and drinking yet at 10:00 last night, but when we left this morning I tried to get him to drink some water and he wouldn't and I tried again after we got to the hospital before I took him in and he wouldn't then either.

It is amazing to me that everyone who has worked with Tuffy says that he is a special kitty, his nurse today told me that before I left tonight, I just said I know he is and he doesn't deserve all this hurting in his life. I was up there with him from 11:30 this morning till about 6:00 tonight when I said good night to him and I would see him in the morning. They told me I can call any time tonight to see how he is doing.

Needless to say I did allot of crying today and praying for Tuffy, and also how if he has not much time left at least he lived a year longer than he would have if I didn't take him in and help him and did the best we could for him and most of all loved him with all my heart.

I am building a garden tractor for garden tractor pulling next summer and I am going to name the tractor Tuffy if he don't make it. And if I can find someone able to I want a picture of him painted on the side panels or maybe the hood, it will be expencive for such a paint job but it will be worth it to me.

I knew this day would come some day but I had hoped not so soon. The hardest part is knowing when its time to throw in the towel and not put him through any more pain and suffering if he has something to bad to help him live a good life anymore. And I hate to say it but the cost of all this has to come onto play at some time. We just don't have the money to spend thousands of dollars on surgerys or cancer treatments.

His dr from at the hospital just now called me to say he is much better and his temp is coming down already from the IV fluids. There blood work shows he is more anemic than before at 21% but the vet in town said he was up to 30% on Monday on the same type of test, she said that being so dehidrated probably messed up the test numbers. She said most of his blood work is coming back pretty good except for the anemia and his red blood cells are real small so she is worried about to much bleeding from the needle biopsy's. She is going to get some iron supplement into him and check his blood again tomorrow and see if there is any improvement, so a little good news for me tonight to sleep on.

So this is the latest on my Tuffy. All I can do is pray that it is just a bad infection that can be treated and not FIP or cancer.
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Just saying a prayer for you and for Tuffy. All we can do is love them, and do the best we can...you've given him the greatest gift you could have given him - your love and care.
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I'm sorry to hear this It's great that they found *something* and hopefully it's a step in the right direction of figuring out what's causing it.

Best of luck, big hugs to you all, and give Tuffy big scritches from us all.
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Hi Tom. Not much to add, except I've been following Tuffy's story, and I am praying it's something easy to heal. Hugs to you and Tuffy.
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I Am sorry that you still haven't got any definite answers, but at least there is somethign for the vet to work on,and I do hope that it isn't his time just yet. will be thinking about you.
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Well as of about 1/2 hour ago Tuffy came home with me tonight. He did great on the needle biopsy deal. The dr looked at the cells they got out but she isn't a expert on reading such things but nothing for sure jumped out at her so she is sending samples in to be looked at or tested or whatever they do with them. He was on IV fluids yesturday and most of today and he is pretty much back to his old self. I just hope he don't go down the tubes over the weekend before she gets the tests back on Monday. She said there was no point in keeping him another night because they can't do anymore for him right now and he is a million percent better than on Wednesday. So I am still praying its not cancer or FIP.
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i have everything crossed for positive news for him - IBS has been ruled out, hasn't it?
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As of right now I don't think anything has been ruled out. At first 3 vets thought it was a form of IBD. But after he got so sick and dehidrated with such a high fever the dr at the animal hospital is thinking something much worse, but so far she can not say it is this or that for sure is the problem. We are really hoping the biopsy's will give us the answer, if not, about the only option left is to do a exploritory surgery, but his normal vet and the specialist at the hospital do not want to do that, they are both affraid it will cause more problems than he already has.

But at the same time she don't know what to do right now for him because she don't know what the cause of his problems are. She don't want to blast him with prednisone or antibiotics if it won't do any good, He is eating good and drinking good so for the next few days I just have to watch that he don't go down the tubes again. His hospital stay and all the tests were big dollars, but I could not just leave him die without at least doing what we could for him. His 2 days at the hospital came to almost $1250.
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