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Tuffy is bleeding!!  

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Hi, Tuffy was sitting on my chest because I layed down to take a nap and he moved and I felt something wet and look at the blanket and there is a streak of red blood on the blanket, so I look where he moved to and sure enough more blood. So I lift his tail and there is blood coming from his butt. Not running out but enough to make a drip now and then. He don't seem to be hurting or anything. Its fresh looking blood like if you cut your finger or something so I don't think its coming from to far into his insides.

What the heck could be going on??
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Has he been constipated?. I'm just thinking if he's been straining?
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I would locate an emergency vet and go right away.
When there is bleeding...I would not want to guess.
Better safe than sorry.

I am adding comments....
My answer to anything that I do not understand about my kitties health is to get to the vet right away.
If you cannot do that and the bleeding continues...I hope that you can get Tuffy checked out.
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If it is a persistent dripping of fresh red blood, I'd get to a vet. If it's mixed with mucous, and you see this in his box also, and not dripping continuously, I might wait until Monday and get him (plus a stool sample) in to the vet.

But anything that is fresh bleeding and ongoing is to me a reason to get to the vet.
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It seems to have stopped now, and he cleaned himself up so if I had not seen it happening I would never have known it. I have seen these blood streaks before on the blanket but never really thought much of it, but it makes sence now, I bet he has had this happening before. I don't think he is straining whan he goes, if anything he is close to loose the last time I saw him in the litter box, he eats Missy's soft food all the time and he gets loose from it I think.

I will watch him and if he don't bleed anymore I will try and wait till Monday morning and take him in, I am sure they will make time for him if I say what's happening. The place that covers for the vet is far away and major expensive.

EDIT,, Could worms or some other parasite be causing this? He has been treated for worms 2 times since I have had him.
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I don't know what it could be but at the very least, I would call my vet on Monday and ask them...even if you do not see more blood.
If you do see more blood, I would consider that an emergency.
He should be seen right away.
I am sending positive healthy vibes to Tuffy.
Please keep us updated.
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Sending "safe" vibes for Tuffy. Hopefully it's nothing.
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I will be calling first thing Monday. He has been acting a little different lately so I wonder if he is not feeling right.
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Blood and mucous plus soft stools could indicate parasites like coccidia or giardia that are hard to diagnose without a full fecal exam. I would get to a vet and take a fresh sample with you.
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Tom - any news on Tuffy - what did the Vet say?
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Hi, I talked to the vet this morning and she wondered if he was straining [sp?] to go and was maybe bleeding from that. He has not bled that I have seen again since Saturday. She said to just watch him close and to call if it happens again. I asked if it could be worms or something like that and she didn't think it sounded like it, She said if he had worms again he probably would have diarea real bad with mucus and blood. Problem is with all these cats and 2 big litter boxes I can't tell whats happening with him unless I happen to catch him in there. I am almost positive he don't have diarea because I never see him in the litter box.

I was a little suprised she didn't want to check him over.

I am probably over reacting but I am affraid I am going to find him in a big puddle of blood almost dead like what happened to our little kitten 2 winters ago.
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I don't think that you were overreacting.
If I saw blood on one of my kitties bottoms...I would freak.
Keep a close eye on Tuffy.
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I just came in the house and I find blood on the bathroom floor and on the bathroom window sill, basicaly where ever Tuffy has been sitting. His back end is red from blood running down. So I guess he needs to be looked at again very soon.
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Please take Tuffy in immediately...
to an emergency clinic if your regular vet is closed.
Let us know what you find out.
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He has stopped bleeding now. I will call the vet first thing in the morning.
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Tom, I must confess I'm concerned as to why this bleeding has been happening on and off since the 21st of May and you still haven't taken him to the vet. He really, really needs to be seen IMO.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Tom, I must confess I'm concerned as to why this bleeding has been happening on and off since the 21st of May and you still haven't taken him to the vet. He really, really needs to be seen IMO.
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As far as I know this is the second time this has happend since I started this topic.I talked to the vet about it and she didn't seem to concerned, but if it happened again than she wanted to know about it so we can look him over. Since it happened again only worse this time I am sure she will want to check him. She thought maybe he was straining at going to the bathroom and stretched things out and made it bleed, but after tonite I think there is something else going on. He has been treated for worms/parasites 2 times before and I think he has them again.

He is so good at cleaning himself up after he stops bleeding I would never know it unless I saw it happening. He has even cleaned up all signs of the blood in the bathroom window and floor, I left the blood in there to show Yvonne when she got home how much he was bleeding but by the time she got home he had it all cleaned up. So if I had come in a hour later I never would have known he was bleeding again. I can never catch him in the litter box to watch what he is doing when he goes, and with all the other cats I can't tell unless I see him in there. I might have to put a litter box in the bedroom and close the door with only him in there to see what is going on.

I am not taking this lightly, I wanted him checked out when I started this topic. I have never had another cat that would bleed like this so I can't believe its nothing to worry about like the vet seemed to me to tell me the first time I asked about it.
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Please let us all know what the vet says....
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I will for sure, Poor Tuffy, it just never ends for him I guess.
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If it was me I'd find another vet real quick!
This has been going on for too long. Please call around tomorrow and get him into a vet that will check him out asap.
Sending good vibes to you and Tuffy.
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Tom,Let me tell you a story about one of my cats.

I have a male cat named Yellow. He was passing blood as well. It was large red fresh streak in his poop and I was convinced he had a tumor or something. I read online about the bad stuff that it could be and when I took him to the vet I was convinced my cat would have to be put down because I could not afford chemo on a cat. I want to stress this was in every poop and it was a lot of blood in my opinion. Half a teaspoon each time. Or so it looked.

His eyes were running and swollen some as well. He looked horrible and there is a thread about this somewhere on this site. I went to the vet bawling convinced my Yellow was gone. I walked in puffy eyes and was as red and swollen as Yellow. We made quite a pair.

As it turned out, allergies and hay fever in a cat, can cause blood to come from their bobo's........ seriously.

So my vet gave him a shot of steroid and some steroid/antibiotic eye drops and everything cleared up. It was all allergy related.

It could be something just this simple. Needless to say, I left the vet in a much different frame of mind. I watched his poop and the blood was gone within 24 hrs and has not returned. I don't remember the time frame of this but it seems it was sometime in March or April.

Now at first, my vet did not know if it was allergy related. What he told me was that IF IT WAS allergies, the blood would go away with the steroids he gave him. And it did go away and has never come back. Vet also said if it didn't stop to bring him in for more testing.

But the steriod shot fixed him up and he is fine now. They gave it in his neck. I have several cats and at first I wasn't sure who was bleeding. I found it in the bathroom floor as well, but I starting bird-dogging the litter box to watch.

So it could be allergies. This is ragweed season.

Good luck and get him to the vet and try not to worry.

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Best wishes to you and Tuffy! Keep us posted!
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Oh my, I hope Tuffy will get better soon! Please, let us know what the vet said! I would also looked up another vet and get a second opinion right away, if this one will not do anything about this bleeding. Maybe with me beeing pregnant I am overreacting, but if I would see blood on mine- i would freak out and would take him to the vet, no matter what he told me too. better safe then sorry!
Sending all my prayers your way, wishing Tuffy all the best!
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Any news yet how is Tuffy this morning...
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My Loki had that too - turned out to be food allergies - switched him to Natural Balance Venicen (sp?) and green Pee - no more problems.
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He goes in at 2:50 today. I wonder if it is food related too. Because it seemed to start after I started to feed Missy soft food because of her teeth. Tuffy also eats allot of the cheap soft wal mart food, [I get this because Missy really likes the stuff] and I can't get him to leave Missy's food alone. Otherwise they all eat the Nutro indoor stuff. It is so hard to get Missy alone in one room to just feed her, they all know when I am going to feed Missy so they all come running.
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Let us know how it goes... GL Tuffy
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I just got back home with him, we live only about 4 blocks away from the vet. She checked him for worms and checked to make sure nothing is in there that isn't meant to be and didn't find anything wrong. She wonders if he is having trouble passing hair balls or maybe he gets stressed out when I am gone camping and not drinking like he should, I know he don't like it when I am not here.

She sent home some stuff called Sucralfate with me to give him, they say he was on it before but I don't remember the stuff, I don't know what it is for? I have to look it up and see.

She is pretty sure the blood is coming from his rear end and not someplace farther inside. She also said to get a good cat food for hair balls to maybe help him pass them. I don't know if Nutro has such stuff or if I will have to get a different brand, she said Wal-Mart has different kinds but I said I don't really want to go back to that cheap stuff if I can help it.

So I guess just see how he does and she said if I can to try and watch him in the litter box and see if it hurts him or if he has problems. So at least no bad news but still not sure whats going on with him.
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I would have wanted a full blood panel and ex-rays for Tuffy.
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