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Jaffa's thread!

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Well Jaffa wasn't going to let me get away with a thread for Mosi and not do the same for him - so here's my little gingerbread man. Unfortunately I don't have many good photos of him as I never seen to catch him when he's being cute (which is a lot of the time) and he's not one to pose for the camera. Most of these were taken with my camera phone which is why they're slightly out of focus.

Jaffa is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving cat imaginable. He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He's a real mummy's boy and has been from the second we clapped eyes on each other. He'll be 9 in June.

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He's nearly 9!, bless him he looks like a kitten

He's gorgeous!
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Me too Susan...
I thought he Jaffa was a kitten until I read his age.
He is a darling boy who really does look like a gentle soul.
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Well he does behave like a kitten! The 1st and 3rd photos were taken only a few weeks ago and the others within the past few months. He'll be 9 on 6th of June.
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Jaffa is a real sweetie pie.
I just to kiss him.
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9!? Wow, I thought he was just nearly a year old!

He sure is sweet!
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He is adorable in the second picture...
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Awww, bless! Jaffa is gorgeous and certainly doesn't look his age!
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He is so sooo beautiful! He looks like a baby. I love orange kitties, they make me want to snuggle them silly! Give him a scratch on his lovely little head for me, please.
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9 yrs old?! I thought for sure that was supposed to say 9 months He looks like a kitten He is very handsome though.
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Jaffa certainly is a handsome boy, at 9 years old he still looks like a kitten!
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Jaffa is really sweet I love Ginger Cats lol - I have one
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Jaffa thanks everyone for the flattering comments about his age! He is a very kittenish cat and does a great job of keeping up with 5 month old Mosi.
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