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I'm cursed...

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I have a 4-5 yr old cat named Blu who has been dragging her bottom on the carpet ever since I got her last September. We just got a new kitten a couple of weeks ago, and he is doing the same thing!

We tried several different kinds of high quality cat food with Blu (some of which even made her bottom bleed) and finally settled on Eukanuba Weight Control formula, because it seemed to be the easiest on her stomach. We took her to the vet several times, they would always check her glands, told us to put Vaseline on her bottom, but really gave us no direction on why she was doing this or how to stop it.

Our new kitten is eating Eukanuba kitten food, and also sometimes steals from Blu's feeder. He was recently wormed by the vet and and I noticed his poop was runny, so he may still be getting used to the food change.

I guess my questions is this...is it possible that he is only dragging temporarily because of the food change/worming, or could he have learned this behavior from Blu? How long do I need to wait to see if it's only the food change?

I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Blu wasn't going to stop dragging, but I don't think I can handle a second cat doing the same thing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am at my wit's end.
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Blu is a beauty!! My kitty dragged her rear for many years. Have you tried giving her a bit of plain canned pumpkin? I give Callie about a teaspoon or so twice a day and she's stopped scooting her rear. I just mix in a little canned food with it and she laps it up.

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I did the pumpkin with my Basset who have bad anal glands and it was wonderful.. I would recommend using it...
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Get the anal glands cheacked and pumpkin but a vet needs to thoughly check Blu out.. kitten food is very rich so that could be involved
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It could be due to worms. I would bring in a fecal sample... hookworms can cause this problem. [I think it's hookworms anyways] my friend just found out her dog has them, and that made his anal glands go nuts.
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My boys did this when they had giardia. That need sa full fecal exam to detect and can be hard to get rid of, but now they are clear.
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