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I was just wondering why all the stickys are disappearing. I understand the Spaying thread in the Breeders forum. That was getting pretty intense, on the verge of flaming. I was especially wondering about the Flower Essences and Kitten Glop stickies.

I have directed friends of mine - non-member but who needed the info - to those stickys and now they aren't there. I just hate to see good information pulled down. Perhaps making the sticky's a closed thread once they are put up? (Although I noticed some other good kitten recipes on the Kitten Glop thread...)
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It's not really a case of unsticking them because of reply's, There are so many things that could be very informative and would be great to have right up front, but if they stayed there forever then it would be a whole page of sticky's. The Catsite does not dump any threads so it's possible to do a search for particular information. Hope that helps explain a little
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Thanks Sandie. I figured that was the case, but wanted to check to make sure.

Also, I know someone brought it up somewhere on the board, but is there a possibility of adding a forum for just kitten issues? We get so many questions from raising newborns to training kittens, it may be worth a whole forum. Just a thought...
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I will mention it to Anne
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I never thought about a seperate kittens forum before. Don't you think there are too many topics that are relevant to both kittens and adults? Also, kitten related questions can be differentiated by the same categories we have now (i.e. nutrition, health, behavior etc). I want to avoid overlapping so that people will find it easy to know which forum their question belongs to.

Let me know what you think. I need to think about it and would be happy to hear more pros or cons
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I think I agree with you, Anne. While a kitten forum might be helpful to newcomers, I think we pretty much already have our bases covered with the existing foums. If we differentiate too much, people will have a tough time knowing where to check for info...or where to put info for that matter. I also think it may encourage cross-posting, which we really don't have a problem with now.

My 2¢.
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