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Balding ears?

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Sorry to make two threads in a day, but I just realized, my cat's ears are balding. Or what seems like balding. I'm away at college the whole week, and only on weekends I'm home, so I didn't notice sooner, I guess. She's a domestic short-hair, so the back of her ears have always been very short and smooth little hairs. While she's still got hair on the back of her ears- it seems to be thinning out. I don't know if it's due to summertime and her fur naturally thins out, or what. Her living conditions have been the same ever since we got her as a kitten, and she's been eating the same food we started her off with. Here's two comparison pictures:

This was maybe... a month ago:

And this was just taken yesterday:

those two white spots you see in the second picture- I don't know whether it's balding, or she's always had them and I just never noticed. Ack. Does it look like skin allergies or something like that to anyone? The inside of her ears are always clean and pink, so I don't see it as mites or ticks.
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How old is she?? Some of my cats had that happen with age.
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Originally Posted by GailC
How old is she?? Some of my cats had that happen with age.
ah, she's still a kitten. approximately 9 months, i'd say (she was a stray, and her initial vet checkup labled her about 6 weeks old at the time).
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could be ringworm
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Does she appear to be itching her ears? Could be an allergy.
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When I found Skittles she was 3 weeks I think bad case of ear mites.... The ears where like bald only a little hair has grown back. That was year ago she has had them gone since she was 9 weeks old.... SHe has been tot he vet alot... Maybe it is mites do you think it is possable.
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Willow's the same way. She's had baldish ears for what seems like forever, so I can't remember if she's actually always had them, or if they were once furry. They're always cold, too, but I've tested the other cats and Buffy occationally has chilly ears as well. I can't see anything in her ears (mites) and the ears don't seem to bother her, and I've changed her food countless times since I first noticed it. Nothing's changed, the ears haven't gotten balder or fuzzier. Willow is 5 years old, and I noticed it a couple of years ago.
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