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Kittens roaming...

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My 5 kittens are 5 weeks old and they stay in my daughters room(shes 12) We have a babygate up so they can't roam however they started climbing over it and running around the house. I wouldnt mind this at all but they keep going under my rocker recliner I am scared someone will sit down and hurt one! My youngest daughter is 5 and cant remember not to sit on it! If I put away the recliner for a while is it ok for them to roam the whole house?
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At 5 weeks, I think they should still be confined to a small space. Can you just close the door to keep them inside, unless someone is directly watching them?

It may seem confining, but as a foster Mom, I can say all my kittens are confined to one room until about 8 weeks. (They need to get their shots before they can be exposed to other kitties!)
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I just asked a similar question when mine went over the box barricading him in the kitchen:


This past week he had the run of the living room and hallway and actually it worked well. I leave the bedroom doors closed when we're not around but even when we are he doesn't venture in there often.

He's a very active kitten and galloping through the hallway and exploring was all right by him! The only problem so far is that this kitten who's not normally big on petting or being held has decided that 5 am is the time he's reading for cuddling and climbs up and starts licking my chin. Lucky for him I'm a morning person...
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I would confine them so potty training is easier
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