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is my cat pregnant?

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my cat got out 2weeks ago for two days. she came back home alot calmer. she meows alot to be fed. she sleeps alot more and she is heavier than before.
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Well, if she's over 6 months old you'll know in a little while. She will come in heat if she's not pregnant. Her nipples will enlarge if she is. She'll cry in a cooing manner and want a lot of attention. Good luck!
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If you have never had her spayed, and she is not a strictly indoor cat, she IS pregnant. PERIOD. The fact that you say she "came home calmer" leads me to believe you knew, or least suspected, she was already in season when she went out.
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yeah she is 7 months old. she meows alot in the morning to get fed and to have attention. she has been alot more lovable like i said. she like to sleep under the covers. i am pretty sure she is but i havent noticed any big changes yet. i think she is about three weeks.
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What you should do is count from the day she returned forward 21 days.
You should notice that her nipples will be a bit puffy, and pinker than usual. At 21 days, that the only way to tell... I dont think even a vet will be able to "feel" kittens yet. If you determine that she is pregnant, then she should be started on kitten food to boost her nutritional requirements. Make darn sure she doesn't get out again! If she isn't pregnant, get her spayed, that way if she does sneek out, you'll not have to worry.

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I would simply take her to the vet and have her spayed ASAP! Finding good homes for kittens is really hard (and if you think you can do it - why not help your local shelter with it and save a few kittens' lives ). For more about the benefits of spaying read here:

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Please get her to the vet and have her spayed. There are millions of kittens dying in shelters because there are just too many. Thousands more ending up on the steets as strays. Anyone who has a chance at preventing kittens from being born need to act immediately. The animal overpopulation problem is very real and people need to be responsibe for the sake of the animals.
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thank you all for your help. i took her to the vet and he said she is pregnant so i am going to let her have these kittens and then i am going to get her spayed right after.
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