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Tooth Brushing and Throwing up

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Ok I have 2 questions don't really know where they go. So here they are

1) My vet gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste but I am not sure when do I start to brush her teeth, how often, how much tooth paste to use.

What do you guys do for tooth brushing

2) Shadow is 1 year old and got spayed yesterday... She was doing great. she was eating and drinking lost of water, used the litter box as well. This morning around 9:30 I went in to give her pain meds that the vet gave us. I have to giver her 1 drop of Metacam every day for the next 10-14 days. I gave it to her, and then when my husband woke up around 1:30 there were 3 piles of throw up in the office (where we are keeping her when we cant watch her.. no place for her to jump) it is after hours so we left a message for the vet tech to call us back and when they did they said it was because she didn't eat or have enough food in her stomach when I gave her the meds...

Is this normal for this medication... any idea of how to give it to her so she does not get sick, any body have problems with this medicine, or links to read more about it.

Any help or advise on both of these would be great thanks
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Firstly, you should brush their teeth at the least once a day, anything less than that will not be very effective in preventing gum disease or anything; so either do it, or don't do it. Some cats will tolerate it, others won't. I don't brush Napolean's teeth... it makes me a bad mom I know :p

Firstly, don't free feed her. If you feed her twice a day [or three times] you can watch her eat a meal, and then give her her meds.
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