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best mom!!

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So I have this feral cat who had a litter of kittens in my garage. They are now 5 wks old. Today, I saw them using the litter box all on their own. I am convinced she is the best mom ever!

now i just need to figure out how to convince her to get in a carrier so i can get her spayed. Good mom she may be, this is her last litter.
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Oh, they are little geniuses! Are they tame?

I would advise using a trap in the garage to trap the Mom if she isn't easy to catch. The vet may be able to loan one to you.
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we are working on the kittens. she has allowed us to handle them since they were born so they are overall pretty good. One is super friendly, and one is a little shy. But overall I think they will all be good pet cats. we are bringing them in the house and getting them used to tv sounds etc.
I will trap her if I have to. I hope I can just convince her to go in to the crate on her own (i already trapped her once, so I would hate to put her through that again!).
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Can you pet her at all? I got mine to gradually get used to petting, then picking up, then carrying. After that, I was amazed that I put her in the carrier (which I had half-hidden in my car) but she was fine.
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unfortunately, though mom is ok with us touching the kittens she is not so keen on us touching her. I might try and wait for a while after the kittens wean, and work on her, but i do not want to take a chance that she will escape and get "knocked up" again. In a week or so I will be making the appt to get her spayed, so I guess we will have to see where she is by that time.
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